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Accountant marketing ideas during COVID-19

Clients who are sick of their accountants are they to move to a new one as a result of being let down by their current accountant during the COVID-10 crisis. One email campaign we recently ran for an accounting client of ours got: a 36% open rate and 154 clickthroughs to their website. These are [...]

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Joined-up marketing – what is it and why is it important?

Joined-up marketing involves having your marketing team pressing the accelerator pedal as hard as possible with your sales team steering the car. You both know where you're going, you know what each other is doing, and you're working as a bigger team to achieve company goals faster than ever before. To understand why it’s important [...]

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Blogs For Accountants – What Value Do They Deliver?

With the level of competition for clients out there at the moment, there's never been a better time to invest in blogs for accountants. There are 35,520 accountants competing for business with each other and, with marketing moving online more than ever before, your website and its content needs to place very highly on Google. [...]

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Marketing addiction clinic services without expensive lead generation firms

Marketing addiction clinic services has been greatly complicated and made much more expensive by Google’s attitude to PPC for the sector and the expense of using lead generation firms which seem to dominate search results. Many addiction clinics are now adapting their own marketing and SEO approach by gradually weaning themselves away from a reliance [...]

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Job descriptions

Your job description is your first and often only opportunity to connect with potential candidates. But how can you successfully engage the right candidate? This article will guide you through key points to consider when creating your job description – following our advice could make all the difference. It’s not an essay – be concise [...]

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Investment presentations

If you’re looking for new ways to finance your business’s launch or growth the quality of your investment presentation can make or break your pitch. Whether you’re heading to a business plan competition, business angel group meeting, or a one-to-one proposal, you need to be able to persuade potential investors that your company deserves their [...]

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