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The Benefits of Telemarketing For Small Businesses

We book appointments, generate leads, collect information, and carry out market research for our clients with our outbound telemarketing service. Let us know about your small business, what you sell, and your target markets. Tell us what you want to achieve with telemarketing and we'll create a campaign for you.

2021-10-20T11:43:51+01:00April 6th, 2021|Categories: Telemarketing Blog|0 Comments

Construction Telemarketing – Telemarketing For Construction Firms

Our construction telemarketing agency team have the data, the sales skills, and the experience you need to help you build relationships with key decision makers, optimise supply chain agreements, increase sales volumes for your products, services, and solutions, and win new client accounts.

2021-10-19T10:46:39+01:00April 5th, 2021|Categories: Telemarketing Blog|0 Comments

Telemarketing for accountants – does it work anymore?

Is B2B telemarketing still a successful route to market for UK accountancy firms? Yes and it's become more so in recent years as client perceptions of their accountants have changed. 36% of clients want to leave their current accountant. Telemarketing presents an opportunity for you to increase your customer base, grow your revenues, and sell on higher-value services.

2021-10-19T10:48:22+01:00March 30th, 2021|Categories: Telemarketing Blog|0 Comments

Our UK phone number database for telemarketing teams

Our phone number database service is designed specifically for telemarketing and telesales teams making outbound calls. Take advantage of our and our media partner's information gathering resources - the information contained on our list of UK business, school, and the public sector decision makers is refreshed on a six-month cycle.

2021-10-19T11:31:18+01:00February 11th, 2021|Categories: Telemarketing Blog|0 Comments

Building brand awareness through a telemarketing campaign

Telemarketing is used by businesses for many purposes including increasingly for brand awareness. When people think of telemarketing, they normally associate it with upselling, generating leads, and customer service, to nurturing leads, explaining complex sales, making appointments and cleaning data. For building brand awareness, telemarketing offers several significant benefits which are hard to achieve through [...]

2021-10-19T11:39:09+01:00January 11th, 2021|Categories: Telemarketing Blog|0 Comments
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