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Marketing Your Products & Services To The NHS

More Than Words is a specialist marketing, media, and communications agency with significant experience representing clients wishing to promote their range of products and services direct to decision makers within the NHS. Get in touch with us - let us know more about your business and what you sell. We can then identify which decision makers you need to target for your campaign. Our data can be used for email marketing campaigns, telemarketing campaigns, and direct mail advertising.

Telemarketing and telesales for Manchester companies

Businesses in Manchester invest heavily in telemarketing and telesales. And More Than Words' call centre team have been responsible for generating hundreds of closeable sales opportunities for our customers in the city since we were founded in 2018.

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Successful Marketing To Financial Advisors

There are just under 4,800 firms of financial advisors in the UK. This is still a market dominated in number by smaller companies. On our database of financial advisors, we have over 3,300 direct dial numbers and over 2,800 direct inbox email addresses for decision makers within financial advisory firms.

London’s Email Marketing Agency

While we believe in content and digital marketing, we believe that too few companies are really taking the lead with their marketing. Companies are missing out on the chance to convert customers within timescales to suit their own business needs. We'll find your target audience and, over the course of 12 months, we'll convince them of the benefits of using your products and services and choosing you as their suppliers.

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Telemarketing for London companies

Our experienced call centre team are able to handle all the telemarketing jobs you throw at them. Whether it's deftly sidestepping the gatekeeper to speak to a potential highly valuable client about a complex product or service you're selling or you want to use your campaigns to build a sales pipeline over the coming 12 to 24 months, we're the people who London businesses speak with.

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Marketing to SMEs – 3 Ways To Get Quick Results

I'd like you to concentrate on the often-forgotten very high returns delivered by three of the oldest and most established promotional channels around - email, phone, and post. This is a world where your advertising efforts can influence and dictate how quickly a small business buys from you rather than waiting for an enquiry from your website. This is the world of cold approach direct marketing.

Telemarketing For Commercial Cleaning Companies

Have you tried cold calling before to find new commercial cleaning service customers? Many cleaning business owners have tried it but enjoyed little or no success with us. The likely reason for that in most cases is poor scripting of calls and a lack of telemarketer training and oversight. If this had put your off previously from investing in cleaning and janitorial telemarketing, we're pleased that you found this page because, when done correctly, telemarketing delivers a constant stream of high quality and qualified B2B leads. You've just got to get the basics right.

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The Benefits of Telemarketing For Small Businesses

We book appointments, generate leads, collect information, and carry out market research for our clients with our outbound telemarketing service. Let us know about your small business, what you sell, and your target markets. Tell us what you want to achieve with telemarketing and we'll create a campaign for you.

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Telemarketing for accountants – does it work anymore?

Is B2B telemarketing still a successful route to market for UK accountancy firms? Yes and it's become more so in recent years as client perceptions of their accountants have changed. 36% of clients want to leave their current accountant. Telemarketing presents an opportunity for you to increase your customer base, grow your revenues, and sell on higher-value services.

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Business Data – All Your Answers In 3 Minutes

There are three general types of UK business data (B2B) data and they can be split into the following categories: contact data containing the contact details of companies who have already bought from you together with the decision maker names (your "customer purchases" database), contact data of decision makers from companies who have been in touch with you but who haven't become customers yet (also known as your "prospects"), and every other company.

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