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During COVID-19, sales slumped and then rose again

If your sales reps are responsible for lead generation, they'll not be spending a lot of time, particularly at the moment, in front of prospective clients. If they're not in front of prospective clients, they're not contributing to company revenue. And, when there is general economic disruption, finding new revenue is even more important than [...]

Marketing to the public sector

Winning a contract with a public sector organisation can be an exciting but daunting task. To have the best chance, you need to invest in marketing to the public sector, specifically marketing to reach key decision makers with a message they understand and appreciate. Successful public sector bids can be highly financially lucrative as well [...]

The benefits of outsourcing your marketing and sales

Why is outsourcing marketing and sales to a third party becoming more popular among British businesses? It doesn’t matter what your business does – sales and marketing is hugely important. Large or small, startup or well established, it is near impossible to achieve success without an ongoing commitment to improving and investing in your sales [...]

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