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Database of property developers for marketing campaigns

An accurate database of property developers helps businesses to find and connect with decision makers and budget holders in this valuable sector. The property sector was one of the industries that performed surprisingly well during the COVID-19 pandemic. Early fears that the market would collapse in a repeat of the 2008 recession proved unfounded thanks [...]

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Why the quality of email marketing copywriting is so important

Everyone in marketing knows that the quality of the marketing databases they use are a particularly important factor in the success of the campaigns they’re running. The same is true with email marketing campaigns but you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of email marketing copywriting. Email marketing copywriters provide you with the words you need to [...]

2022-01-14T22:00:26+00:00January 12th, 2022|Categories: Email Marketing Blog|1 Comment

Email Marketing – 2022 Guide For B2B Companies New To Email Marketing

A full guide on how to get started in email marketing in 2021 from the perspective of B2B companies - businesses which market and sell their products and services to other businesses (or to schools, charities, and public sector organisations). What opportunities exist for today's B2B companies with email marketing? How can a small business find a receptive audience and sell its products and services with email campaigns?

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The right email database – questions you need to ask

A comprehensive, accurate, and GPDR-compliant UK business email database is many marketers’ favourite tool for generating leads because of the level of access it gives them to potential customers. What is the first thing you do when you pick up your phone or tablet in the morning? If you are anything like the 58% of [...]

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Why buying a quality email list for your marketing campaigns is worth the outlay

To generate the greatest return on any email marketing campaign, a quality email list is a prerequisite. On outbound marketing campaigns of all kinds, lead quality is directly related to quality of the data which produced that lead. You will be aware yourself (or your sales staff will have made you aware) of the frustration [...]

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Bad email data

There are two ways you can start email marketing for your company. With one, you’re guaranteed to avoid getting bad email data. With the other, there is a serious risk that your business’s image will be put at risk through the use of poor email data. Why choose email marketing? Effective marketing emails convert potential [...]

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Email Marketing for Nottingham Companies

Businesses large and small in Nottingham and across the Midlands use email marketing to promote their products and services and to build awareness of their brands. Our email marketing solutions take your company and its offers to decision makers within other businesses, schools, and the public sector in Nottingham and to the rest of the country. With our service, you have over 4 million decision makers to target.

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Email Marketing for Leeds Companies

Since 2018, companies across Leeds and West Yorkshire have contacted us to purchase the email addresses of the decision makers they need to target. Email marketing is very effective at raising awareness of your brand among your target audiences and in driving new sales and enquiries.

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Email Marketing for Norwich Companies

The use of highly-targeted email marketing campaigns by companies in Norwich and the wider Norfolk area generates thousands of actionable, high-quality sales leads every year. More Than Words runs cost-effective and results-driven cold contact email campaigns for Norwich companies targeting businesses, schools, and the public sector.

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London’s Email Marketing Agency

While we believe in content and digital marketing, we believe that too few companies are really taking the lead with their marketing. Companies are missing out on the chance to convert customers within timescales to suit their own business needs. We'll find your target audience and, over the course of 12 months, we'll convince them of the benefits of using your products and services and choosing you as their suppliers.

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