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B2B Follow Up Emails Complete Guide

A cold email is one of the more effective B2B marketing tactics a B2B marketer can use to draw a potential customer back in when sales prospecting. In this guide, we cover what to ask in a cold email, why it is important to consider the buying cycle when composing a follow up email - and the linguistic choices that can help (and hinder) your email marketing efforts.

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Selling to UK schools a complete guide

In this e-guide, we provide a brief but comprehensive guide to selling to the education sector. Find out whether your marketing is best aimed at the local council managing your preferred school, the head teacher or teachers with a specific interest in your service or teaching resource.

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Marketing To The Public Sector – The Complete Guide

Learn about the types of public sector organisations, such as local authorities, central government, parish councils, and the NHS. Find out about procurement processes, why and how to use a contracts finder as a small business. More Than Words' complete guide for marketing to the public sector offers tips for effective marketing communication to public authorities.

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Guide to buying B2B databases

A great B2B database is central to any successful email marketing, telemarketing and direct mail marketing campaign, making it easier for marketers to generate leads, increase sales and create brand awareness. In this guide, More Than Words will explain the benefits of using B2B data for things like B2B market research and as tool for sales teams to generate leads.

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