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List Of High Street Jewellers For Direct Marketing Campaigns

There are 135 jewellery retailers with a turnover of more than £5m. Over 1,500 retailers turn over between £100,000 and £250,000 with 1,350 turning over between £250,000 to £1,000,000. With our list of UK high street jewellers, you can contact decision makers direct to offer your products and services with email marketing campaigns, by telemarketing, and direct mail postal marketing.

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Use our list of UK housing associations on your next direct marketing campaigns

There are now 1,500 housing associations ("registered social landlords") in the UK and their importance is still growing as the government transfers its social housing stock to these associations from the public sector. On our database, we have 1,483 housing associations across 1,594 sites, 7,526 named contacts, and 3,710 direct email addresses (plus 1,051 organisational emails).

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Accountant database for use on direct marketing campaigns

There are many reasons why the companies whose products and services we help take to market order a list of accountants – after all, this is a sector with a combined annual turnover of £5.3bn a year. Some of our clients work in financial services and they are looking to network with individuals in similar sectors. [...]

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B2B Data Lists – Every Grouping & Classification We Have

For companies looking to market their products and services to British businesses, our B2B data lists provide the accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date contact information you need to power your B2B telemarketing campaigns, email marketing campaigns, and postal marketing campaigns. More Than Words is one of the fastest growing B2B data providers in [...]

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Industry sector lists A-Z For B2B direct marketing campaigns

This is a complete UK business database containing all examples of industries currently trading in the country. Our combined industry sector lists include our B2B email database with over 400,000 decision makers’ direct inbox email addresses. It also includes both our business to business mailing list for postal marketing campaigns and B2B telemarketing data for outbound telesales campaigns.

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List of plumbers for direct marketing campaigns

Plumbers are valued skilled workers, who often command a significant wage. However, this means that it is crucial that the service they provide is good value for money in order to hold their place in a competitive market. More Than Words’ list of plumbers provides accurate contact information for high-value decision-makers within this important sector.

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List of vets for direct marketing campaigns

The veterinary sector in the United Kingdom is robust and cash-rich. Revenue for 2021 is projected to amount to £4,513m by the end of the year, with an annual growth rate of around 2.86%. More Than Words’ list of vets is an accurate and up-to-date source of contact information for budget-holders in veterinary practices all over the UK.

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List of printing companies for direct marketing campaigns

A vital part of the UK economy, the printing, packaging, and communications industry is the fifth largest manufacturing sector in the UK by turnover. More Than Words’ list of printing companies creates opportunities for businesses to connect with and market to decision-makers within one of the UK’s most important sectors.

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List of opticians for direct marketing campaigns

Getting your business in front of opticians in the UK at this crucial time for the industry could mean significant increases in leads and sales for your business. An ageing population and increasing health consciousness in the UK makes it likely that the market will see increased demand over the next few years. Market direct to decision makers in this important sector.

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List of health food stores for direct marketing campaigns

Sales of organic food and drink rose to a record £2.79 bn in the UK last year, the eighth consecutive year that the sector has recorded growth. According to the Soil Association, the trade body involved in licensing organic products, this is the highest year-on-year growth in 15 years. Our list of health food shops can help your business to be a part of this upward trajectory.

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