When clients come to us to find out more about our SEO copywriting services, they always ask us about our approach on how to write good content for a website.

There are many different successful and unsuccessful techniques you can take when approaching how to write good content for a website.

You have to ask some questions of your company and its own website first though.

Is the content of your website just blandly informative?

Do enough people find it and do enough of those who do find your site get in touch with you after what they’ve read?

If you feel/suspect/fear that…

  • your website is just blandly informative,
  • not enough people find it, and
  • too few people buy from you after reaching your website

…we’d like to offer you some insight into why.

And then show you how to put it right.

The key on how to write good content for a website is that what’s on each page must appeal to your target audience.

Websites are changing the way that purchasers interact with suppliers

The internet has made purchasing much more friction-free in the minds of personal and company buyers.

In the old days, buyers were at a disadvantage because you and your sales team knew:

  • far more about your products and services,
  • just how suitable your product or service was for potential clients’ needs
  • what was a fair price or not, and
  • whether the product or service the buyer already had needed replacing or not.

Companies had the advantage over their customers…and companies knew it.

In the old days, buyers would call four or five potential suppliers for information and the people they speak to would either try to sell them there and then or make an appointment.

The internet changed all that.

Today, potential purchasers now take advantage of:

  • an abundance of time to find the information they need,
  • the endless resources of the internet at their disposal, and
  • freedom from sales pitches.

How to take advantage of this change

Sales experts have calculated that, in this new online era, a consumer or business decision-maker needs to see a company at least seven times before they get in touch.

And there are three reasons for that:

  • it takes time to build trust in a company and the products and services they offer,
  • over those seven “touches”, they educate themselves about the products and services they want so that they don’t feel at a disadvantage when they do eventually contact a potential supplier, and
  • for some, they’re not quite ready to buy yet but they’re doing the groundwork research.

While direct marketing (like telesales, email, and postal mail) still produces immediate leads, companies investing in their internet site do so to create a stream of high-quality, predictable leads from customers for the years to come.

How do they do that?

First, they make sure that all of the pages on their website:

  • describe their products and services brilliantly and
  • are optimised for Google’s website content guidelines.

Second, they know how to write articles for a website which connect with prospective customers.

They build a library of high-quality, engaging, response-provoking articles for their website answering every question a prospective client might have about their products and services.

People search for answers now – they don’t search for suppliers

Winning on the internet is about making sure that it’s your company answering clients’ questions when they’re searching so that they begin to trust you and so that you can prompt them to contact you.

The most successful companies ask their website visitors to sign up to their email newsletter lists and to follow them on social media just in case they’re not quite at the buying point yet.

This gives you the permission you need to regularly contact consumers and business decision-makers who you know are in the market.

Ask us first what we think about your website

It’s a good idea for company owners to spend time considering whether:

  • Google can find your website and
  • the pages on your website do a good enough job of selling your products and services so that buyers leave their contact details with you for follow-up.

Let us do an analysis on both for you – gratis, free of charge, kostenlos.

If you accept our offer, this is what we’ll share with you:

  • an assessment into who your target buyers are and whether the copy on your site relates to them and their situation
  • a critique on the language used on your website (and social media feeds, if you like)
  • what we understood on your website at first glance
  • what we didn’t understand at first glance (your other website visitors will likely be confused as well by what’s on these pages)
  • feedback on how well your website sells your expertise & credibility in your chosen field

We’ll be honest and straight forward with you with our feedback.

We won’t shirk from telling you the things that you might not like to hear – our job is to drive traffic to websites and, when visitors get there, to persuade them to connect with or buy from you.

As well as our opinions, we’ll let you know:

  • the keywords and phrases people use to search for your products and services (great material for coming up with blog titles)
  • a list of up to 50 articles we would want to write for you straight away to get people to your site (put them on your site and distribute them on social media and email newsletters)
  • a list of the pages on your website that we’d like to rewrite for you and why.

If we can’t find anything wrong, we’ll tell you.

If we can find anything you could be doing better, we’ll tell you.

Each audit takes about 2 hours of our time – time we’ll spend doing this free for you.

All we ask is that you’ll seriously consider any suggestions we send back to you and that you think about putting any work (if any work is needed) our way.

How to write good content for a website – the More Than Words way

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Writing great content for your website

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