Read about why keywords in your articles are the key to ensuring your brand gets seen and heard effectively.

Over half of all businesses use content marketing to reach out to other businesses or consumers. But how much of that content actually gets seen?

The chances are, if you’re not using keywords, you’re not getting seen as much as you should be.

“Whoa! I know what that is. That’s an invisibility cloak!”

Ron, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (2001)

Choosing not to use keywords in your articles is like choosing to put an invisibility cloak over your marketing efforts.

Using effective SEO is extremely important if you want to market your content properly.

It may sound dramatic but let’s just consider the facts for a second:

  • 75% of internet users do not scroll past the first page of Google results
  • Organic search equates to 94% of all web traffic
  • The first position on a Google search page has around a 35% click through rate for both desktop and mobile
  • 50% of web visitors are likely to click on a result if a brand appears multiple times on a search

Not using keywords? What’s happening to your site as a result

Can you see that, without keywords, the odds of your article being seen really are lowered dramatically?

Your content can be absolutely amazing, shareable, gush-worthy even but, if it doesn’t have right keywords, it really is likely to get lost amongst the trillions of other pieces fighting for attention.

To strip it back, Wikipedia says:

“Keyword research is a practice search engine optimisation professionals use to find and research alternative search terms that people enter in to search engines while looking for a similar subject.”

You could compare it to placing a book into a random shelf in a library with a billion books in it and then hoping the customer will find it when they walk in instead of placing it in a section of similar topics and styles.

Or even better, putting that book on a huge display the customer will see instantly when they walk into the relevant department.

So the book is as visible as possible to a customer searching for something of that subject or style.

If you really want your content to be read and recognised by as many customers as possible, they have to be able to find it first. Placing relevant keywords in your articles means that your articles can be found.

“Not using keywords is in the past for me. But what should I do?”

You have two choices to help you make your content loud and proud on the web.

The first choice is to learn how to do your own SEO so you can implement a keyword strategy into your content.

There are infinite resources to help you learn the process including but not limited to the following three articles:

It can be a learning curve but lots of bloggers and business owners learn how to do their own SEO and enjoy seeing their content becoming more visible with their efforts.

The only problem is, with little experience, it can still be a shot in the dark at times.

There’s also the lurking difficulty of the ever-changing Google algorithm which means that, even if you do successfully get the right keywords, there is a way they have to be implemented in order for Google not to penalise you and essentially black list your content, destroying all your efforts.

In addition, in the time it takes to learn the skill of implementing keywords properly, the content marketing is still falling flat, and the brand remains somewhat invisible to customers.

If you want quick, measurable SEO results and a keyword strategy that works based on experience, you might want to use a professional marketing company.

Using a company like More Than Words with a proven track-record in effective keyword strategy implementation can quickly turn around your content success.

With a high-quality, personalised approach, you’ll get the brand awareness and engagement necessary to help your company see the visibility it should have been getting all along.

Keywords are a tool for success

Using keywords to get your articles seen is important, and realistically, easily achievable with the right help.

Your company deserves to be seen, and the content, read, seen, shared and engaged with.

Rip that invisibility cloak off your content today and use keywords to get company awareness that takes you to the next level.

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