The Art of Book Ghost-writing

They say we all have at least one great novel in us. Whether you’re a CEO sharing your path to success, a consultant helping business owners make the right decisions, or an entrepreneur offering your personal experiences for new start-ups, you have unique knowledge and insights to share with the world.


“The book has become the 21st-century calling card,” says Larry Leichman, co-owner of Arbor Books. “It presents you as an expert, a hook for publicity that gives you access to the media and to places you’ve never had access to before. The guy with the book is a celebrity.”


Often the only issue standing between you and your bestseller is that while running your business empire, chances are, you never actually get around to writing it down.


Many of us dream of imparting our knowledge to readers but the majority simply don’t have the time to dedicate solely to producing their book. Hiring a ghostwriter to write your business book for you could be the perfect solution to this common problem.


What is a ghostwriter?


A ghostwriter is a professional writer that is hired to author a book that someone else will be given credit for. Put simply, this means you can pay someone else to write your book for you.


If you were to go on to the bestsellers list right now, we can guarantee that dozens of books were actually written by ghostwriters. From Tom Clancy to President Obama, the vast majority of books you’ll find by celebrity authors were actually written by ghostwriters.


Ghostwriters often get mistaken for co-authors but there is one key difference. A co-author works alongside you to write your book for partial credit on the cover. Us ghostwriters, on the other hand, work with you behind the scenes. When your book is all finished up and our work is done your name will appear on the cover alone.


While some may think of ghostwriting as somewhat unfair, we don’t see it that way at all. Here at More Than Words we love getting to know about you, learning about your business triumphs, and living up to our motto of ‘Our Words, Your Voice’.


The content of your book is still entirely your own. We’re simply here to take your knowledge, stories, and insights and turn them into a complete, professionally written product for you to publish.


The benefits of business ghostwriting


One of the main reasons so many choose to work with a ghostwriter on their book is that they simply don’t have the time to write it themselves. You’re a businessperson with your own duties to attend to, whereas writing is our full-time job.


They say it takes the average author between 1000 and 2000 hours to complete a nonfiction book alone. We can reduce this time by as much as 100x; cutting down your commitment time to your book to a few tens of hours or less.


On top of this you can also benefit from our extensive business writing experience. When you’re a first-time author it can take a great deal of time and effort to learn the process of writing a business book. Books have a considerably different structure and set of rules to virtually all other kinds of communications, making book writing difficult for those that have never done it before.


Most writers learn these rules as they go which is why it often takes many years to complete a book. Hiring a ghostwriter resolves this problem. You can simply work alongside a seasoned book-writing professional to get your story on the shelves faster.


Ghostwriters also negate the risk that your book will be abandoned halfway through. A common problem for many of the business authors we meet is that they have tried to start their book many times over the years but never actually finish it. Working with us ensures your manuscript will definitely be completed to the highest standard.


How does ghostwriting work?


Of course, in order to write your book on your behalf we’re going to need to work incredibly closely with you. You want your readers to hear your voice, your stories, and your insights when they pick up your book, and we do too.


When you start your book writing journey with our expert ghostwriters we’ll want to know everything you’re adamant about wanting in your book.


You can simply let us know what your book is about and send over any written and recorded materials you think may be important. It’s likely you have recordings of speeches and lectures, notes, or articles that may be relevant too.


The most important step in the process will be your interview. Depending on the nature of your book we’ll ask questions to help us fill in the gaps to ensure the content of your book is complete, engaging, and informative.


You can ask to see our progress so far at any point and, when your initial draft is complete, you’ll get the chance to review it and give feedback. Remember, this is your book, not ours. If there is anything you wanted added or changed to your manuscript, we will do everything you need to make sure you’re entirely happy with the final product.


Let us help


If you have a great idea for a book but don’t know when or how you’ll be able to write it, we can help. Our expert ghostwriters here at More Than Words are on hand to make your dreams of being a published author a reality.

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