Health and fitness has never been so popular. Gyms, dance studios, exercise clubs and personal trainers alike compete furiously against each other and the best way to differentiate yourself is to use a fitness copywriter to work on articles, blogs, and more for your website.

The fitness industry is the UK is thriving. Even without factoring in personal trainers and other private fitness service providers, 9.7 million Britons belong to one of the 6,700 gyms in the country.

Regardless of the size of your gym or whether you run a one-person private trainer business, you need to market what you do and the benefits you deliver to your clients.

The most effective type of marketing for the sector is content marketing – creating Google-optimised, helpful articles and blogs for your website and social media accounts.

In this article, we will be looking at:

  • why approaching the marketing strategy for your gym in the right way is crucial,
  • how an experienced health and wellness copywriter can improve marketing results for your fitness centre,
  • who are your target customers and what do they want,
  • what entices customers to sign up to a new fitness regime, class or gym contract,
  • the best way to approach content marketing creation for your gym or fitness business, and
  • how to get in touch with us for further information and help

Why getting the marketing strategy right is important for gyms and personal trainers

The best marketing strategies are centred around attracting your target customer, driving sales, and retaining clients.

Generally speaking, gyms and fitness clubs are competing in close proximity to other health and wellness providers so it’s important that you focus in on your unique selling point (USP).

Word-of-mouth is often the way fitness clubs increase their members. However, because word-of-mouth can this not be relied upon as a marketing strategy, a well-executed and relevant online presence is required to secure any competitive advantage.

There are a variety of approaches that you can use in your marketing strategy which are proven to increase sales and sign ups.

Gyms, boot camps and fitness companies are all aware that customers are reacting much more positively to content marketing and creating meaningful copy holds the key to a compelling marketing campaign.

How a fitness copywriter approaches creating marketing content

Concise copywriting in your fitness marketing campaign is a way of explaining clearly and in plain English the important questions that prospective customers might have.

For example, what is a rep? Why are calories so important? How often should you exercise a week?

Health and fitness can be a sensitive subject for some people so it’s important to project your business as being run a friendly, welcoming, inclusive, and results driven enterprise and to use your website to share as much useful information as possible to assuage any potential fears about signing up.

The tone of voice you choose to adapt should be suited to your target customer.

Do you want to appeal to a predominantly male clientele who associate the gym with weights, boxing, and letting off steam?

Or is your business more suited to females who enjoy weekly dance classes and the chance to catch up with friends?

Whatever your gym’s marketing strategy, the content produced by your health copywriter for it needs to be relevant.

For example, should you decide upon an email campaign focused on local businesses with an emphasis on corporate discount, you need to create a compelling subject line and body copy to stimulate click-throughs.

It is certainly necessary to be mindful of appealing to your target client’s emotions.

Body image is a personal subject and the last thing you want to do is offend any potential customers.

The health and fitness copywriter you choose to work with will need to adopt a friendly, conversational tone in the content they produce for you as this is most likely to appeal to the majority of readers.

As previously mentioned, highlighting your USP is crucial.

An experienced health and wellness copywriter can really bring this element to life in your marketing. By identifying the unique advantages your fitness company can offer and honing these points into your content, your target customer will clearly receive the message of your offerings.

Who are your target customers?

Fitness centres and gyms have a wide range of customers.

From professional athletes using your facilities for training to regular gym bunnies and complete beginners, your marketing strategy needs to speak clearly and directly to the audiences you want to attract.

Building up buyer personas is a highly useful tool when developing your marketing campaign.

By understanding in depth who your ideal clients are, you can then map out the best way to capture their interest so that they want to train with you.

The marketing text created by your fitness copywriter should reflect both the facilities available on your site and your price point.

Different copy will be needed for:

  • recently popular lower priced gym chains have a disruptive customer centric approach as they aim to make fitness available to everyone.
  • high end chains will most likely aim to target high earning young professionals and baby boomers with disposable income.
  • local personal trainers may set up boot camps in parks and wish to target nearby residents.

Reflecting societal trends in your marketing copy will also produce favourable results.

For example, the current lifestyle of many individuals includes fast food and a lack of exercise results in weight gain – additional weight that these individuals will want to lose.

This is a significant target market for you to approach as many people are realising the negative effects of this behaviour and wish to do something about it.

What makes your gym clients sign up to a new fitness program?

Again, this depends on the buyer persona.

Regular gym goers will relish the opportunity to try something new and mix up their exercise regime whereas workout novices may only be joining the gym for a particular class they heard about and think might be suitable for their fitness level.

Seasonal trends are, of course, a consideration.

January is peak signup time in the fitness world as everyone wants to shed the extra weight they put on over the Christmas break.

Promotions are widespread at this point with no joining fees being the number one marketing draw.

Most gyms and fitness centres have monthly sign up targets to hit. Sales staff are the final port of call in this process but well-written copy and marketing is what will get customers through the door, trying your facilities, and coming back for more.

There are some lesser known elements to be considered within your marketing strategy.

Alongside the obvious benefits of exercise for individuals, such as a leaner physique and more energy, many people are drawn to try new fitness programs because of brand new technology.

The development of innovative gym equipment and exciting varied classes have made exercise more appealing and accessible.

By mentioning these in your marketing campaigns, there is a much higher chance of driving new footfall through the doors.

Including helpful, in-depth blogs within your content marketing campaign is a useful way to showcase your knowledge in the fitness sector alongside providing you with the platform to introduce readers to your staff.

Personable employees are a priceless asset to any business, in particular the health and fitness sector.

Offering access to likeable, qualified experts as part of your gym membership or class timetable engages the customer and builds a feeling of trust between individual and company.

How a fitness copywriter creates engaging content for your business

There is a wide range of available marketing strategies and plans to help you meet your targets and business development goals.

Exercise allows for eye-catching and compelling video content.

Video marketing engages viewers and it is able to portray a message quickly and with versatility.

The online health and wellbeing community is large.

Many consumers get the majority of their fitness content from social media and social media is a popular interactive platform on which you can share before and after fitness transformations, nutritional information, recipes, fitness events, and competitions.

Keywords have an important part to play in your marketing strategy.

Keywords on the subjects of fitness, gyms, personal trainers, and more are what customers search for before they make contact.

Let the customer find you as easily as possible to encourage contact resulting in a visit to your premises or a phone consultation.

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If the lack of good copy is preventing your fitness business from featuring highly on search engine results page, you make it much harder for the people who need you to find you.

Customers want to find out about you and what you do before they come to see you in real life.

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