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The economic arguments for appending emails to your customer database

Why should you invest in email appending services for your business?

Email has been described as the killer application, or “killer app” of the Internet – a driving force which continues to create need and demand for computers and internet access.

Of all forms of marketing campaign, email generates the highest return on investment – outperforming social media marketing, content marketing, telemarketing and more.

Email appending from More Than Words

But like all other forms of marketing, reach is vital. If you have 10,000 names for existing customers and prospects, but only 3,000 email addresses, there are 7,000 opportunities to connect with decision makers that you are missing.

This is where email appending services can help.

Email appending with quality safeguards

With email appending, we look for the direct contact addresses for those 7,000 decision makers whose business email address you currently don’t have on your mailing list.

During a B2B email append, we gather information not only on our extensive in-house database but also multiple marketing and contact databases from a handful of carefully-selected media partners.

When choosing media partners for our email append service, we make sure they have the same commitment to quality over quantity that we have.

We also ensure that their data protection and GDPR policies are robust and in line with our own.

What type of data can we cleanse?

Email verification and why businesses should invest

We can perform a business email append on three types of marketing database:

  • customer databases – customer data for businesses, schools, and public sector organisations which have already bought from you,
  • potential customer databases – data appending services for the contact details of businesses which have been in touch with you but which have not bought from you yet, and
  • bought-in marketing databases – databases of businesses whose details you have purchased from a 3rd party source like a list owner or a list broker.

More Than Words note: Please note that we are unable to perform consumer email append services or append any overseas (non-UK) database of contacts.

Missing other details?

Are you missing other information on your customer file like contact names, postal address details, phone numbers, and more?

Does the age of the data you have concern you and would you like us to check if the details on your record are generally complete?

With our data cleansing services, we’re able not only to check most of the fields on your database but, subject to your instructions, we can replace what’s on your database with the latest information.

Speak to one of our account managers to find out more about our data management capabilities.

Email appending – the benefits

Email marketing produces the best ROI of any form of direct marketing

Compared with direct mail marketing and telemarketing, email marketing produces the highest return on investment. by far.

In 2019, Statista estimated that the average email marketing campaign had a return on investment (ROI) of £42 for every £1 spent

In addition to that, you can send an email campaign out in minutes from your desktop and start tracking recipient interaction straight away.

Improve the customer experience and sell more via email

Despite the best intentions, your staff, when taking orders or requests from existing or potential clients, are likely to input 1% of all data wrong.

Let us correct those errors and, as we’re appending your data, add email contact details to records which currently have none.

  • Your existing clients are 9 times more likely to buy from you than new clients
  • Orders from existing clients can be up to 500% greater in value than from new clients
  • Stay in control of the conversation – remind clients why your product or service is better or you’re more likely to lose them to competitors
  • If you take regular payment by card or BACS, the correct email addresses allow you to contact your client to prompt them to resubscribe.

How do we carry out B2B email appending services for our clients?

Data cleansing

All email appending companies use the same email append process.

What determines the success of your outcome is the quality and depth of the databases against which your databases are compared.

For example, More Than Words’ marketing databases contain over 650,000 email addresses all of which are thoroughly researched and GDPR-compliant.

If you used an email appending company with marketing databases containing just 400,000 email addresses, you would be more likely to get fewer positive matches from them – in other words, your marketing team wouldn’t have as many appended emails to work with compared to the results our service would provide you with.

Email Appending FAQ

With reverse email append, we add company names, decision-makers names and job titles, postal addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers and more to your marketing database – it’s the exact opposite of appending emails.


We offer reverse email appending on B2B, school, and public sector contact and marketing databases. To ask us about reverse email appending, please call us on 0330 010 8300 or you can click here to email us.

The cost of our email appending service (or reverse email append service) depends on the volume of data which needs to be processed and the amount of information we’re able to add to your database.

To give you a rough guide, the least expensive data to email append is schools data followed by B2B data followed by public sector data.

Your account manager will be able to provide you with a full count and quote when you contact us and after our data team has run a preliminary assessment.

The best practices for email appending (and reverse email append) are focused on the following two areas:

  • the quality of the databases which are used to cross-reference against the databases you provide us with and
  • the commitment of an email appending service provider to confidentiality.

For More Than Words’ clients, we only append (or reverse append) databases of companies, schools, and public sector organisations based in the United Kingdom. Our data team is fully conversant with all applicable laws surrounding the gathering and processing of information pertaining to decision makers acting in their professional capacity.

Second, most of the databases we’re sent contains genuine supporting information of value to our clients – ordering details, call handler notes, and so on. It’s absolutely imperative that the confidentiality of this data is respected and protected. Following the completion of our work for you, your database(s) is/are removed in its/their entirety from our systems for further protection.

Yes – many of our email appending clients ask us to perform email verification services at the same time.

Email verification involves checking the email addresses which do exist on your database(s) against our databases and our media partners’ databases. Particularly on older customer, prospect, and bought-in databases, the likelihood of significant decay is high and clients ask us to replace the email addresses they hold with the email addresses we and our data partners hold.

In addition to replacing out-of-date email data, we’re also able to replace other data on the company or organisation, the decision maker names, details of the business or organisation they work for, and so on.

Tell us what you want from your databases. Please call us on 0330 010 8300 or you can click here to email us.

Yes – we have an in-house telemarketing team who can verify and append email data in live conversation with decision makers. At the same time, we can also pitch your products and services to those decision makers and we can gather general and specific market intelligence when on the phone.

When you contact us, please ask us for our telemarketing team to discuss your project.

Yes. As we offer accuracy guarantees on the B2B email database, school email address list, and public sector email addresses we sell to clients, we also offer accuracy guarantees on the quality of contact information on our email appending service.

For more information about our accuracy guarantees, please call us on 0330 010 8300 or you can click here to email us.

The best email appending services always observe and align to applicable legal and ethical guidelines to protect both the client and the decision makers with the companies and organisations they’ll be contacting.

Under GDPR, it is illegal to contact sole traders and partners within unincorporated partnerships without their explicit consent and a valid reason under the legislation even for business purposes. We will not append the email addresses of unincorporated businesses to your email address.

We will also seek assurances from you that you will only send marketing information on products and services to the decision makers whose email addresses we append or verify which benefit the organisations they represent and work for.

As an example, we would not append email addresses to a database for an insurance company if they intended to use those email addresses to sell life insurance because the insurance policy they sell does not directly benefit the business or organisation.

However, we would append and verify email addresses if an insurance company intended to use the email addresses to market key person insurance or public liability insurance, for example.

Email appending tools are clever in that they automate many of the processes used by traditional marketing database providers. This automation leads to often significant savings.

However, email appending software tends to use old data to match records against and the age of that data will often mean that a significant number of the appended email addresses will be unusable. They may also use webscraping techniques which will leave your company prone to spamtrapping and they may harvest data from LinkedIn and other social media platforms which, in most countries, is illegal.

By all means you should investigate what’s on offer to find the best and most cost effective solution but you should always verify which databases are being used to append email addresses before making a commitment to one supplier.

Add extra value to your email data

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More Than Words runs its own telemarketing and email marketing teams as well as hiring out their services to clients.

More than most companies, we understand how important accurate and complete data is.

Within as little as 48 hours, many of the records on your customer, prospect, and bought-in marketing databases which are missing email addresses you’ll now be able to include in your email marketing campaigns and email newsletter campaigns.

We’re also able to verify the email addresses you do have as well as verify and update contact and organisation details across each of your databases.

Let’s bring your email list up to date today. Get in touch and tell us how we can help.

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More Than Words’ email appending services

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