If your sales reps are responsible for lead generation, they’ll not be spending a lot of time, particularly at the moment, in front of prospective clients.

If they’re not in front of prospective clients, they’re not contributing to company revenue.

And, when there is general economic disruption, finding new revenue is even more important than ever.

Sales reps are not great lead generators

The skills required for cold calling to make appointments are very different from the skills need to look a client in the white of his/her eyes and ask for the order.

If your rep can make two appointments a day but they spend three days canvassing in the week, that’s six appointments they’re not going to.

By working with telemarketing professionals, your sales reps may see up to 10 clients a week over 5 days instead of up to 4 clients over 2 days.

Isn’t now the worst time to be pitching?

It’s harder at the moment – that’s for certain but…

…we need to keep buying from and selling to each other – but, for some businesses, buying from your company might be a lot harder because, right now, the future is temporarily uncertain ten weeks into the crisis.

The companies needing your products and services will fall into two categories:

  1. They tend to hoard cash for unexpected situations and they will still be in a position to strongly consider any option you put to them – you could sell to them in just a few days.
  2. Other companies may not have a big reserve or may be operating in overdraft. Grants and loans might have helped but they’re still in a tough position. The chances of selling to them are much lower – however, you can contact them, find out how they’re doing, get the information you need, add them to your pipeline, and contact them when this is all over.

In other words, while many companies are not in a position to buy from you right now, many still are. Some might ask you for a lower price – and that might sting for a while – but, in business, cash flow is sometimes just as important as profit.

For those who aren’t in a position to buy, contacting them and talking to them will add to your company’s knowledge of each potential future client and their needs for your future marketing activities.

If a prospect is still working from the office or they’re working from home, we can find them, connect with them, and pass them onto you.

Our telemarketing service

Let our telemarketing have conversations on your behalf with key decision makers (DMs) with the aim of starting a personal relationship between these important decision-makers and your company.

We will source the data for your campaign (included in the price) or we can call your existing client base – whatever you want.

Let us work on the following for you:

  • Lead generation – pass warm leads onto your sales team
  • We can book and qualify appointments with decision makers (either face-to-face, phone, or Skype-type meetings)
  • Market research – get us to ask any questions you want to decision makers (including asking about their current supply arrangements and when they will next be in the market for your product or service)

One of our telesales script team will create a benefits-driven call structure for your campaign including including openings and objection handles.

We offer live reporting of the campaign – see records completed in real time. We’ll notify you straight away if a prospect indicates that the decision to purchase your product/service is imminent.

Our email marketing service

Working with our email campaigns team, choose the types of decision makers and companies you want to market to.

Our copywriters and designers will create a persuasive, attractive, engaging, and compelling email design for your company.

We will send your email three times (once a month) to your target audience via our trusted servers to the organisations on your database.

Three days after each send, we’ll email you a spreadsheet showing which recipients opened and clicked through to your website (and the number of times they did so).

You’ll also have database usage rights for 12 months after purchase – you can run your own campaigns or book further managed campaigns with us.

Mixture of electronic marketing and telemarketing

While electronic marketing and telemarketing can be very effective on their own, lead generation increases greatly when the two are combined.

Our B2B marketing database service

• Choose from the types of decision makers and companies you want to market to.

• Full database usage rights for 12 months after purchase.

• Database contains fields for contact name, job title, postal address, telephone number (mainly switchboard), turnover information, number of employees, number of locations, and more.

Please ask us for a full run-down of available fields. Not all fields will be populated.

Finding leads in the COVID-19 era

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Finding new prospects for salespeople in the COVID-19 era

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