Why spend money on copywriting for investment companies?

According to UK Parliament statistics, the UK financial services and insurance sectors contribute over £124 billion annually to the UK economy.

It is a thriving industry and yet, given the rules surrounding it, it is very difficult to market many investment opportunities.

Added to that is the jargon.

Every sector has its own technical language but the financial services sector faces particular challenges because:

For these reasons, there is distinct and clear commercial advantage in apportioning part of your marketing budget to copywriting for investment firms.

The benefits of copywriting for investment companies

It can be easy to think that you have the expertise and therefore you can write whatever needs writing.

You know your business, you know the industry, and you won’t require any extra pay for doing the work either.

The mistake in thinking this way is assuming copywriters just write about what they know when in fact there is so much more skill involved.

Copywriters know how to apply their expertise to form the kind of words that convert leads to sales as well as staying compliant.

The kind of words that effectively convey a brand voice, reaching out to their target audience. Copywriters know how to tell your story.

So, when your company needs to order:

…to promote your investment, your investment writer will use their knowledge of sales and of compliance rules to make the most convincing case possible to persuade clients to join you.

Working with More Than Words

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