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LinkedIn is the leading social media platform for professionals. An incredible nine out of ten recruiters turn to LinkedIn to find first-rate candidates for their best roles.


With more than 500 million users worldwide, creating a profile that both intrigues and impresses hiring managers is the only way to get noticed.


So how does your profile measure up to others in your industry?


Here, More Than Words team will look at crafting the perfect LinkedIn profile that draws recruiters and clients in, what businesses will look for in your profile, and how outsourcing your profile writing to an expert copywriter could help you better market yourself on LinkedIn.


What’s included in a LinkedIn profile page?


LinkedIn profiles are made up of all the vital information a potential recruiter or future customer would want to know about you.


You’ll need a recent professional headshot if you want to get noticed. Of course, your skills and experience will be what seals the deal in the end. But when you consider that you’ll be looking to establish professional relationships with your connections, your photograph shows them you are a real person on the other side of the screen.


Can’t I just use my profile from my CV?


When looking through your connections on LinkedIn, you may have noticed that many people’s summaries read like that of a resume. It’s easy to see why some choose to go this way.


LinkedIn is frequently used by recruiters and hiring managers hunting for professionals to fill their vacancies. When applying for a role directly you would, of course, provide your CV. However, your LinkedIn profile is used a little differently.


Ideally, you would customise your CV for each specific position you apply for. Your LinkedIn profile should be relevant to every kind of connection you want to make on the platform; whether that’s new customers to do business with, other professionals in your industry to collaborate with, or recruiters offering exciting new opportunities to you.


Your LinkedIn profile can be as long as you like, so all those colourful details that you hated cutting from your CV to explain your skills can finally see the light of day.


This does not need to – and should not – be solely targeted to one job role or a specific service you offer. Keep your options open.


Make headlines


Your LinkedIn headline is one of the most visible sections of your profile, so if ever there was a time to make a good first impression, this is it.


However, millions are still not realising the importance of this section. Whilst small, these few words under your name will be what gets people to click. If this fails, there’s no point in pouring all your time and energy into an incredible profile summary – no one is going to see it.


One of the most common mistakes LinkedIn users make is being too ambiguous with their headline.


“Multi-Skilled And Results-Oriented Business Professional” contains a lot of words, sounds rather fancy, but actually says very little. What sector do you work in? Are you experienced? What skills do you have exactly? Who knows.


Your headline needs to be punchy; straight to the point and captivating to get readers to want to find out more about you.


Here are a few of our favourites:


  • Rockstar Account Executive with 20 years of experience looking for new opportunities – This LinkedIn headline caught our eye right away. Using strong adjectives to describe yourself create an image of the kind of person you are. Bear in mind that you’re trying to distinguish yourself from the crowd, so avoiding creatively lack-lustre phrases like

  • Cut me and I bleed content – When done right, short and sweet can be extremely powerful. What can we tell about the person who wrote this headline? They clearly create content, are passionate about their role, and were creative enough to avoid the same-old phrases often recycled on LinkedIn. We’d be very tempted to get in touch with this writer.

  • I help millennials land high paying jobs in sales, marketing and security – This is so much more gripping than if this person were to say something like “Recruiter in Sales, Marketing and Security”. It gives the impression that this recruitment consultant is successful in what they do; finding “high paying jobs” in specialised fields, then helping their candidates to “land” them too.

  • Solver of unsolvable customer problems, finder of unfindable solutions, and teacher of unteachable customer reps – A great example of showcasing your skills in a creative way, it’s clear to hiring managers what this person does and how good they are at doing it.

  • Quite possibly the only person on LinkedIn who isn’t a results-oriented team player with excellent interpersonal skills – If you’re looking to stand out from a crowd of buzzwords and clichés, this is a fun and creative way to do it. Of course, the success of a line like this will depend on the type of audience you’re looking to attract. But we just couldn’t resist.

Give hiring managers a reason to click on your headline.


Crafting your perfect LinkedIn profile summary


Okay, so you’ve earned that much needed click on your headline. Now what?


You’ve peaked that hiring manager’s interest enough for them to want to find out more about you. Now is your chance to close the deal.


Your LinkedIn profile summary can be a lot more general than your CV since people want to know more about what you CAN do rather than a specific job you’d like to do for them.  


However, this is where trouble can arise. While you need your LinkedIn summary to be general enough to interest a wide audience, if this is too unfocused it will go unnoticed.


That’s because recruiters use keyword searches when searching for profiles. If your profile summary is to off-target then you will not appear in their search results.


It is also important to note that, unlike a CV, you’re not only writing for another person – you need to write for search engines too. You want your profile to pop up straight away when someone searches for an expert in your field, so you should always aim to identify and include the most relevant keywords to use in your summary for Search Engine Optimisation.


One way to find successful keywords for your profile is to go up the organisational chart. Chances are, your manager was in your exact same position at one point. All that changed was someone offered them a promotion. If you know of a more senior and respected professional in your field, take a look at their LinkedIn profile for inspiration.


You can even copy and paste their profile into a word cloud site like Wordle.net to find out which keywords are most prominent.


Job postings are also a good place to discover what recruiters are looking for. Adverts and descriptions are both orientated towards a specific job and heavily keyword based. Try to pull up postings for a wide range of jobs you would be suitable for when gathering your keywords.


Nail the voice


How well written your LinkedIn profile is could make or break a job offer. Even if it doesn’t seem relevant to your field, spelling and grammar mistakes appear lazy to employers.


Making sure your LinkedIn profile is carefully worded and grammatically correct will help you to establish the professional image you want potential employers, connections, and customers to see.


Your LinkedIn profile gives you the opportunity to let your personality shine through your professional story. You’ll want to write this in first person so your desired readers know there is a real person behind the screen. Authenticity is key here.


Let us help


Making sure you do everything right so employers and clients find your LinkedIn profile, are engaged by it, and urge them to get in touch isn’t easy.


Unless you yourself are a recruiter, handing over your writing duties to someone who understands the sector, is aware of how hiring managers search for talent, and knows exactly what top employers look for in a LinkedIn profile is often the best option.


Not only is More Than Words team well-experienced and adept at crafting eye-catching LinkedIn profiles, we also write for plenty of recruiters too – so we really know what we’re talking about.


Collaborating with a career marketing writer to put your lifetime of work and achievements down on paper should seriously be considered. Talk to our team about it today. Call us on 0330 010 8300 for a chat and a free review of your existing LinkedIn profile to find out how we can help you. 

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