Why start a business blog? Whatever your trade, the commercial reasons for starting and investing in a continuously updated business blog are clear and demonstrable.

Creating a company blog will deliver new sales and new customers to your business for months and years to come – if you do it right.

More Than Words produces over 1,500,000 words a month for its UK business blog customers and:

  • we come up with the ideas (and we love receiving ideas from you about specific blog posts too),
  • we write them in a way that engage readers and gets them to act,
  • we structure them so that Google can easily find them, and
  • we look for the quickest and most cost-effective ways to distribute them off your site.

We offer a variety of different packages designed to meet and exceed all of your sales, marketing, networking, and public relations goals.

All of your articles are written by experienced UK-based copy writers with strong commercial backgrounds.

So, why should you make a long-term investment in a blog for your company?

On this page, More Than Words managing director and experienced advertising and marketing practitioner of more than 20 years, Mark Fairlie, will cover:

  • why start a business blog? 3 most important sales and marketing benefits
  • what is a company blog there to do?
  • how to create company blog posts? Includes valuable information on the anatomy of a blog post and how a copy writer approaches the work
  • how to manage a company blog
  • getting the writing style right on your business blog posts
  • getting inside the mind of the reader
  • More Than Words’ bespoke blog packages

Why start a business blog? 3 most important sales and marketing benefits

There are many different persuasive commercial reasons why your company should blog – from making sales and opening new customer accounts to building followers and establishing enhanced industry credibility.

Whether it’s a cleaning company blog, a construction company blog, small business blogs deliver the following tangible and measurable benefits to your business:

1. Business blogs boost search engine rankings

  • Business blogs give your website a 434% better chance of being ranked highly by Google and Bing.
  • Google likes sites with lots of inbound links. Sites with blogs get 97% more of these inbound links, on average.
  • Results from blogging come fast. Writing just 21-54 blog posts can boost traffic to your site by 30%.

2. Company blogs are proven sales- and enquiry-generators

  • 47% of buyers view 3-5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep. A business blog is the ideal opportunity to share vital response-generating information with visitors.
  • B2B companies with company blogs see a 67% increase in lead generation over competitors that don’t.
  • Build your email newsletter subscriber list quickly over time with quality contacts by asking them to leave their details

3. Business blogs build credibility

  • Leads from company blogs close at a huge rate of 14.6%. Outbound marketing (e.g. direct mail, on-the-page ads) does it only 1.7% of the time.
  • We re-post your business blog posts to your followers on LinkedIn and further afield. We help you position yourself as a trusted expert and thought leader in your sector.
  • Sharing your content with your network of contacts on Twitter, Facebook and more means you stay visible.
  • Stay in touch with your customers and enquirers with an email newsletter containing links back to your latest blog posts.

The benefits to your business of a focused, well-written, and properly-marketed blog are both immediate and long-lasting.

The More Than Words team write powerful, attention-grabbing, response-generating articles that both stimulate readers’ interest and provide a significant boost to placement in search engine results.

What is a company blog there to do?

For many business owners who are considering starting a blog or who want to get in experienced outside help to continue their current efforts, one thing that’s missing when we ask them why they want a company blog is the “why?”.

More often than not, the inspiration behind starting a company blog is because they enjoy reading blog posts on topics related to their business in general from trusted news sources, suppliers, and even competitors.

There’s a feeling that their company is missing out by not having one but that’s not a reason enough to undertake to spend 4-8 hours a week writing the articles themselves.

Launching and maintaining blog is a significant commitment of your time and personal mental resources.

And the truth is that you could probably spend the 4-8 hours a week that you would be writing blogs adding more value to your business by doing something else, certainly in the early days.

However, if you understand why your business needs a blog and you can see the real value in it, it’s an investment you should make straight away by employing experienced outsiders to write on your behalf.

By working with More Than Words, we’ll help you understand the following 9 most important business blogging questions as related to your business. We help you put them into action.

This is, in effect, your “blog business plan” and, when you work with us, every aspect of that plan will be tailored precisely to your company objectives.

1. Understanding who you’re blogging for and why

The very best, most-effective company blog articles which engage both existing customers and visitors alike are like a personal letter from you to them on a subject they’re interested in and passionate about.

Think about who they are, where they are when they’re reading it, and the things about their business or their life which either excite them or scare them.

From this understanding comes empathy and a true feeling in the mind of a reader that you understand them and what motivates them.

In their mind, you’ve written this blog post for them and not for yourself.

A blog article is a silent salesperson.

In sales, people buy people first long before they buy a product or service from that person.

This is what makes a great blog post more than words in our experience – whether you run a criminal law firm, a VoIP service, or a pet shop.

2. Make your business blog the centre of your marketing activity

Setting up a company blog which produces consistent sales and new engagements means that you have to make your business blog the centre of your marketing activity.

The best business blogs will soft-launch your marketing activities to an interested and engaged audience.

Use the feedback from that activity to let you know if any tweaks or alterations are needed for the product or service you’re promoting.

Then, following launch, use blogging to provide greater campaign longevity in tandem with the other marketing channels you’re using.

The content produced for your blog marketing can be re-spun and re-purposed for social media, email newsletters, wider syndication, press releases, public relations, and more.

3. Great business blogging gives your company a voice and an identity

Great business blogging gives your company a voice and an identity separate from the competition. A great business blog showcases:

  • the skillsets and the personalities of the people in management and on the front line
  • how you engage with customers and provide extra value
  • your approach to doing business (including corporate social responsibility)
  • matters both important and trivial in the development of your business

The copywriting and content marketing teams at More Than Words bring out your company voice and identity vividly in each post to create a real connection with your audience about who you are and the way you do business.

Earlier, we mentioned that nearly half of all contact with a company sales rep happens after a prospect views 3-5 pieces of content on your website.

Whether our experienced, commercially-focused copy writers are blogging for an estate agent, a business transfer agent, or a home improvements company, they know that no-one wants to make a mistake spending their own money or their company’s money.

They make sure that you have the right content on your site covering your buyers’ main areas of concern.

This engaging, tightly-written, SEO-optimised copy gives your readers a chance to warm themselves up as a potential future customer rather than your having to do it yourself.

4. Be the business blog which clients turn to first for news, opinions, and reaction

A company blog that’s full of news, opinions, and reactions is the blog that your existing and potential customers will turn to first.

They’ll check your website out to find out the very latest on what they need to know about.

If they hear something of interest elsewhere, they’ll seek you out because they’ll want to know what your opinion on the subject is.

Creating a company blog gives you a real opportunity to become the go-to person – a trusted voice – and your company will benefit greatly from that.

When a reader trusts you and your opinion, yours is the company they’re most likely to approach for advice and a quote because you’ve proven your worth and your ability to them time and time again.

5. Develop your own business community and a real insight into your audience and customer base

Over time, thanks to More Than Word’s content distribution team, your blog will develop in a community of like-minded and similarly-focused people.

We write just for them and they will really appreciate your company’s insights, beliefs, practices, and philosophies.

Through your blog, your company and its staff will be seen as personable, friendly, approachable, and willing to help.

Your audience will be active participants in your business blog posts – we’ll ask them for comments and we’ll even set them quizzes they’ll enjoy taking part in.

Customers and visitors will come back again and again because your company blog offers them value and gives them new insight.

This community – your very own community – can be approached time after time for advice, opinions, and with sales offers where appropriate.

6. What content should your business blog contain?

What makes a good business blog post?

A great company blog contains information, insights, and experiences unique to you, your company, your staff, and your customers – that’s something they can’t get anywhere else.

Customers and buyers always seek out the new and the original, not the information they can find everywhere else.

For maximum effectiveness, your blog should aim to “educate” and not to sell – a sales approach may bring a few quick wins but it won’t build a long-term and loyal audience.

Working with the More Than Words’ copy writers, we’ll compose readable, compelling, engaging posts which do the following three things:

Share your expertise

You and your team will have encountered many different situations over time and then found the best ways to resolve them.

The sole and only reason that any person (either as a consumer or for a business) approaches a company is because they want assistance on a problem they can’t solve.

The more you share your experiences, the more trust buyers have in you and your abilities.

Expertise-sharing is a powerful tool for connecting to customers and for being found by search engines when it’s done properly.

Link to and comment on industry news

There’s a wealth of information online about your business and what it does.

Use your company blog to help visitors stay up to date with the very latest news.

Our team will provide your visitors with analysis and commentary which is both insightful and actionable.

Tell your story as a business

Yours is a business unlike any other business.

Yes, you have competitors and they may offer a broadly similar set of products or services in many respects to you.

But, this is your business, these are your staff, and there’s so much about you that makes you different.

It’s what you offer, it’s how you look after customers, it’s the extra mile you’ll go, and it’s holding your hands up when things don’t go to plan.

No-one is interested in or wants to read bland, corporate speak on a company blog – it’s the very thing they’re trying to avoid.

Getting the message across about your company is why business blogs are so important.

Everyone is searching for something – let them find what they’re looking for on your site.

7. How to promote a business blog

Thanks to connections and knowledge built up over twenty years, More Than Words offers clients a developed, reliable, and wide-reaching article promotion service.

Social media marketing – LinkedIn for business, Facebook for consumers, Twitter for both. More Than Words has its own in-house team of social media managers and they will use their knowledge and experience in promoting your unique blog content to grow your audience, increase engagement, and attract new leads.

LinkedIn articles – For More Than Words’ B2B blog clients, we’ll post abridged versions of the articles we produce for you for even wider distribution on LinkedIn’s highly-acclaimed article service.

Email newsletters – maintaining a customer and enquirer email distribution list is a challenge. More Than Words has two in-house email dispatch managers and, as part of our full service, we’ll write email newsletters on your behalf and distribute them over safe, secure channels every fortnight. In your email newsletters, we’ll provide a precis on each new article that has been written since the last newsletter together with links to the full articles back on your site.

Guest posting – as traffic to your website starts to rapidly increase because of the credibility of your company blog posts, we’ll approach high-authority online platforms dedicated to covering your business sector. We’ll use our connections and reputation within the industry to add guest posts to these influential sites in your name linking straight back to your website.

PR opportunities – we can repurpose a particularly newsworthy blog article into a press release for distribution to over 75,000 journalists in the UK, over 80,000 in America, and over 1.5 million opinion influencers.

8. Company blogs significantly increase traffic to your website

The presence of a regularly-updated, relevant, well-written blog has a significant and positive impact on increasing overall traffic to your website.

This is because search engines like Google start to trust the information provided on your site a lot more – Google provides the highest links to sites and pages which it believes will answer its users’ questions.

More Than Words provides this uplift for your company in three different ways.

1. Links within your site make your site easier for Google to index

The pages on your website already link to each other through the menu structure and, if you have one, a sitemap.

However, that’s often not enough. A lack of additional internal links (links on a page in the normal text to another page on your site) badly affects Google’s ability to “crawl” the page. If Google can’t see the page, it can’t parse it and it can’t give it a ranking.

The positioning and the proportion of internal links is equally important.

If you have too many of them on a page or the links you’re making aren’t recognisable to Google’s systems, you will be penalised.

More Than Words’ copy writers, when writing your blog articles, will make sure that you’re able to take full advantage of better visibility to Google’s indexing systems.

2. Links to other sites

The blog posts that the More Than Words’ copy writers produce for you will contain links to other sites.

The sites we’ll link to will be sites that Google considers to be high-reputation and regards as influential sources.

You may worry that, in some cases, this will lead to a visitor leaving your site.

You should not be concerned about this as the link we’ll place in your page will open a new tab rather than replace what’s in the tab that your visitor is currently looking at.

Google has a preference for blogs which link to other high-authority websites because its algorithm assumes that you have done your research and you have got your information from credible and reliable sources.

A virtuous circle begins from here because the more your site links to trusted information providers, Google increasingly begins to trust your website as a source of reliable information.

3. Links from other sites to yours

When other sites link to your website and your blog post, Google also treats this as a strong signal that what is contained on your website and in your company blog posts is also reliable.

The pages on your site that others point on to is a very important factor in whether your search engine ranking actually benefits from the link – our copy writers make sure it reaches the highest levels of relevance, semantic quality, and article structure.

9. Boost email sign-ups

Post-GDPR, the value of opted-in email addresses for existing and potential customers has risen dramatically. This is especially the case if you sell to consumers and not to other businesses.

In addition to standard calls to action at the bottom of each post inviting readers to get in touch with you on the subject of the article, we’ll also invite them to subscribe to your email newsletter and to future email marketing campaigns. The text we use asking your visitors to join up is fully GDPR compliant.

How to create business blog posts

More Than Words recommends to its business blog customers that each article should be around 1,000 words long. That means that your blog:

  • explains the story to the reader and how it relates to them,
  • has room to explain and decode any industry jargon so that we don’t lose readers’ interest by using words they don’t understand
  • links to relevant internal products or services (with a short explanation on what you’re selling together with a link to take them to the right page)
  • is long enough for Google to consider as authoritative.

Our copywriters get to know your industry

Prior to taking a new company blog client account, our Head of Creative and lead copy writer thoroughly research your sector so that your articles are thorough, accurate, and authoritative.

We welcome any and all topics that clients suggest that we write about.

However, nearly 90% of the articles we write have been conceived in-house by a knowledgeable copy writer who:

  • keeps themselves up to date every day with the latest industry developments,
  • monitors other company blogs in your sector, and
  • takes the time to understand your products, your services, and your company as a whole.

Interesting, up-to-date subject matter and a blog content plan

Every month, we’ll send a list of suggested articles for your company so that you can choose the ones that have the greatest commercial impact for you and the greater chance of reader engagement.

Business is fast-moving though so, if there is an important development in your industry that we feel your readers would greatly benefit from, we’ll contact you straight away asking for permission to write the piece and to ask how we should report your company’s reaction to it.

Results-driven keyword research

The keywords and key phrases we select for your blogs are based upon the three major SEO platforms that More Than Words subscribes to.

There are two important benchmarks we use when selecting the keywords and key phrases for your search and they are:

  • the popularity and authority of keywords related to the subject we’re writing about for the general copy
  • the keywords and key phrases people are actually using right now to read about the topic we’re writing for you.

Written for both humans and Google

More Than Words’ copy writers make sure that your blog posts are written for both humans and Google. The language used on your post has to sound natural and flow easily with a logical structure taking them from the introduction to the explanation to the conclusion.

At the same time, your article writer will include the keywords and key phrases they have identified as those used by people when looking for information on this topic.

The details…

Behind the article and the SEO itself, there are a number of important extras that our copy writers take care of for our clients including:

  • Meta description – that’s the bit of text which appears under Google’s search results describing what’s on the page it’s linking to. We treat the meta description like a short advertisement whose aim is to intrigue searchers enough so that they click through
  • Image – a high-quality, royalty-free image is chosen to visually enhance your article. We also assign it with the correct meta information so that image search engines know the topic the image relates to. At all costs, we try to avoid using cliched stock photography.
  • Post slug – this is what the title of the post will be on your website as displayed in a browser’s address bar. Deliberately reader- and SEO-friendly, it always makes use of the article’s main keyword for additional search engine friendliness.

Contact More Than Words about your business blog

More Than Words works with dozens of companies every month producing reader-focused, sales-driven, engagement-enhancing copy across a wide range of sectors.

Our passion lies with blogging and article writing – it’s what we’re best known for and we love the work. Our copy writers really enjoy:

  • getting to know a business and the industry it’s in,
  • discovering what customers and visitors want from you, and
  • producing great content that leaves the right impression and forms the basis of a loyal readership which trusts you and spends money with you.

What will happen after you get in touch about continuing or starting a company blog?

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