More Than Words’ guide to generating new business from schools

The education sector has long been a domino marketplace.

Put simply, this means that as soon as you win business and gain trust from one school, you’re more likely to receive enquiries and win new business from other schools.

For this reason, breaking into the education sector is a valuable and important accomplishment for any SME, and one that must be handled with patience and an intelligent approach to marketing.

One of the ways we at More Than Words recommend to businesses wishing to build relationships and garner prospects in the education sector is a long-term email marketing campaign.

Over the course of a year, you can use email marketing to build:

  • awareness of your company among target headteachers, school leaders, and teachers and
  • trust in the quality and efficacy of the products and services you offer.

How to market to teachers, heads, and school leaders by email

Sending one school email marketing campaign on its own doesn’t work for companies seriously intent on selling to schools.

Schools need to see that you’re a serious, trust-worthy, value-for-money, long-term supplier.

Because they’re spending public money, they need to feel comfortable and confident in dealing with you first.

No head teacher or school leader wants to make a mistake spending their school’s money –regardless of whether you’re selling to private schools or state schools.

That’s why we suggest that clients book email marketing to teachers and schools over a 12-month period with More Than Words.

Over the course of the year, we’ll vary the messages sent to schools.

In one email, we give them a reason to buy something and, in another, we give them something of value to demonstrate the type of company you are.

School email marketing campaigns give you the chance to build a relationship with head teachers and leaders prior to moving it into the real world through phone calls and emails.

Schools’ responsiveness to emails has increased post-GDPR

For the past 15 years, email marketing to schools in the UK has been the advertising medium most chosen by companies wanting to increase their presence in and sell more to the education sector.

Our in-house copywriters have extensive experience in writing email adverts for the education sector including creating some of the most catchy email subject lines for schools.

And it’s their ability to come up with original email marketing campaign ideas, and to create compelling, engaging, and response-driven sales messages, which has meant that our clients now enjoy an even greater return on investment than in the pre-GDPR era.

But this is not the only reason why email response rates have been rising for our clients.

We limit the number of school email marketing campaigns we manage

We build our UK schools database from a number of different sources including our own telemarketing and web-based research.

To protect the value of the database and the goodwill of the schools who receive emails from our clients, we restrict the number of campaigns we deliver and the databases we sell each week to protect response rates.

How we create content with you for your campaign over the year

Once you’ve decided on what your commercial objectives are for your 12 months of school email marketing campaigns, then we get to work for you.

We’ll agree a content plan with you containing:

  • what we’re going to say in each email, and
  • information on how each email will help you achieve your short-term and longer-term objectives in becoming a trusted supplier to the education marketplace.

Each email will be composed by an experienced copywriter with a successful track record helping clients sell to the education sector.

Prior to creating the text for your email, your copywriter will:

  • have researched your company thoroughly and
  • understand the appeal and usefulness of your products or services to schools.

Your copywriter and designer will draft each of your twelve emails for you.

You get final sign-off – we’ll keep amending each of your email advertisements until you’re completely happy before we send them.

Three days after each dispatch, you’ll receive a report detailing all of the click throughs, opens, and unsubscribes generated from your campaign.

If you have a sales and marketing team, they can use the information in the report to develop more leads and to bring forward new sales – ask us how or take advantage of our telemarketing to schools service.

Managed email marketing campaigns to UK schools

With our managed UK school email marketing campaigns, we do all the hard work for you. To find out more, or speak with one of our account managers about a year’s worth of email marketing campaigns to schools, please call 0330 010 8300 or email

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