B2B telemarketing helps the companies which invest in it to succeed.

While business to consumer telemarketing has a bit of a bad reputation these days (considered as something of a relic by many), business to business telemarketing still has an important place in the world of advertising.

In fact, by using B2B telemarketing services you gain access to one of the most useful marketing tools available.

Telemarketing is highly effective in terms of quickly building mutually beneficial relationships with existing, lapsed or new customers.

Although B2C and B2B telemarketing are very similar, there are some important differences which set them apart.

Whilst the point of B2C telemarketing is usually to sell something, B2B telemarketing is far more concerned with building and maintaining relationships with a potential customer base.

The nature of B2B telemarketing lends itself to this thanks to a smaller customer pool and more time to focus on what the customer needs in order to continue the association beyond the call.

B2B telemarketing can be either inbound or outbound.

This means that a business may call another company in order to market their products and services or it may involve receiving calls from prospects and creating actionable outcomes from the conversation.

On inbound calls, a business can answer questions and give information to potential clients who have got in touch as the result of being targeted by an awareness raising campaign.

There are five significant benefits to using telemarketing when promoting your products and services:

  • lead generation,
  • winning back lapsed customers,
  • collecting accurate data on individual clients and prospects,
  • maintaining the health of your marketing database, and
  • supporting other company marketing activity.

1. Telemarketing helps to generate strong, high-interest leads

Whilst calling other companies in the hopes that they will buy something from you doesn’t seem all that different from the ‘cold calling’ techniques employed in B2C telemarketing, it is actually far more effective.

Businesses use telemarketing to contact decision makers within companies to open a sales dialogue, often with the goal of arranging a face-to-face appointment with a prospective client.

If a client does agree to an appointment, this is a warm lead and the chance to build a relationship with a buyer even if the decision to purchase is not imminent.

Often business decision makers end up choosing to buy from the suppliers they have got to know the most during their buying journey – use telemarketing to make sure that you’re involved with a potential client as early as possible.

2. Telemarketing helps to win back lapsed accounts

It is unlikely that your business will have the time or resources to stay in touch with every company you have ever supplied.

Telemarketing provides you with a quick and cost-efficient way to reach out to lapsed customers from months or even years past.

All you need to do is drop a quick customer care call to these customers to see how they found your products or services and find out why they haven’t worked with you again.

Contacting lapsed accounts is a proven way of winning new business from old customers by reminding them of your existence and because your proactive approach to staying in touch is appreciated.

Even if you don’t manage to bring a customer back, you are able to gain valuable market insight which informs you of the reasons why previous clients not have been active with your company for a while so that you can identify problems that need to be addressed.

3. Telemarketing helps you to collect accurate data on individual target clients

Knowing your target market is the key to advertising to them effectively.

While direct marketing approaches using email and post are one-way channels of promotion, telemarketing offers a two-way communication channel which enables you to gather far more detailed and accurate information on your potential clients.

You will be able to ask and answer questions, find out what relationships a potential client has with your competitors, and identify the key decision makers in the business.

This is a quick and cost-effective way to gather data that is highly valuable for your company in the long run.

The enhanced and more detailed information you hold on clients because of your telemarketing campaign enables you to further focus your marketing efforts on the clients you know are in the market and not waste time in contacting companies where there is no need for your product or service.

4. Telemarketing helps you to maintain the value of your marketing databases

Data cleansing refers to when you remove information about a contact or remove the contact altogether from your mailing list in order to keep it up to date.

This is a real struggle for many companies but something which must be done in order to keep your marketing strategy running effectively and within the guidelines set out in the General Data Protection Regulations (the GDPR).

You can ask for this information in an email campaign but the chances of you receiving the information that you need back from all of your contacts is relatively small.

With telemarketing you are able to get in touch with a company directly and store the following valuable information on your marketing database:

  • up-to-date decision maker names and job titles,
  • who their current supplier is for the product or service you provide,
  • what prices they are paying to your competitor, and
  • when they come out of contract with your competitor (if applicable)

This information can then be used by you to create a competitive bespoke offer for each client to improve your chance of winning the business.

Data cleansing also helps you to identify people that do not wish to be contacted so that their details can be removed from your mailing lists.

Contacting businesses which have expressly asked you not to may harm your reputation so removing such details from your prospect list should be company policy.

5. Telemarketing support and improves responses from other forms of marketing

Many companies use telemarketing to support their other marketing such as postal campaigns or email marketing.

By adding telemarketing to your marketing mix, you are introducing a personal touch to your communications which enables a two way discussion between you and a potential client where sales opportunities can be identified, more information can be uncovered, and leads generated.

Companies are also more likely to remember you in the future if they have had positive contact over the telephone with your business.

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