What is B2B data? B2B marketing data (sometimes called business marketing data) is used by companies on their direct marketing campaigns.

What is direct marketing? With direct marketing, you select only the decision makers within the businesses you wish to target. Returns on direct marketing campaigns are impressive and that’s why, in a digital age, investment by companies in direct marketing continues to rise.

When selecting which businesses you should include in your B2B data lists, you should first think about your standard customer profile.

Choosing your prospects

When determining what your standard customer profile is, you need to think about the types of businesses which have already bought your products and services.

Choosing your suspects

There is also value in selecting companies for your business database where there is a need for what you sell but, for whatever reason, you’ve not targeted them yet.

Choosing decision makers with budgets

Now you need to think about who within these businesses will buy from you. Most of the 3,000,000+ people we have on our UK business database are “senior contacts” or “MDs”. However, we also hold 100,000s of contacts with the following job functions – engineering procurement, facilities management, finance, fleet, health and safety, human resources, marketing, operations, general procurement, sales, and telecoms.

Choosing your approach

Now you know which budget holders and companies you’re targeting, you need to decide which method of promotion you’re going to use to pitch your products and services to them.

Most business data lists incorporate a business to business mailing list for postal campaigns and B2B telemarketing data for telesales campaigns. If you want to send email advertising campaigns off to prospective clients, you’ll need to ensure that your B2B data lists also contain an integrated B2B email database.

Which businesses do you want to sell to?

Choose your prospects, choose your suspects, choose the key contacts you want to promote your products and services to, and whether you want to run email, phone, and/or postal campaigns to them.

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B2B data FAQ

In advertising terminology, B2B means “business to business” – a B2B company’s target market is other businesses and it is to other businesses to which they sell their products and services.

When you purchase B2B data lists for your promotional campaigns, there are three types of campaigns you can run from it (depending on the access you request from your supplier) – email campaigns, telemarketing campaigns, and postal marketing campaigns.

With most B2B database owners (like Experian) and brokers (like More Than Words), you first contact the company and tell them about your company, what you sell, and your target market or audience. Using that information, they’ll then run a count to determine the size of the audience you’re targeting is held within their B2B data records.

Normally, within 24 hours, they’ll come back with a count and a quote – on the quote, you’ll see the types of companies on their B2B data records which they believe constitute your audience. Work with them on that list to narrow down the companies most likely to purchase from you until you arrive at an agreement.

They’ll then revise their quote for the lists they want to sell you. If you go ahead, they’ll normally email you your B2B database within 24 hours. You’ll have access to the data for a year.

If you lack the infrastructure and/or the knowledge to run an email marketing campaign, many providers will run managed B2B email campaigns for you. If you want to run telephone sales campaigns to the prospects on your database but you have no in-house marketing teams or sales teams, many providers will carry out managed B2B telemarketing campaigns for you. Managed campaigns are charged in addition to the cost of your B2B data lists.

To select the best B2B data lists for your company’s marketing campaign, you need to make sure that the audience contained on your B2B data lists have a genuine need for your products and services. It’s a waste of your money to send a letter, send an email, or make a phone call to a company with no need for or interest in what you sell.

You need to ensure that there are enough data points within your marketing list to make getting through to the decision maker as easy as possible. For example, with telephone numbers, it’s better if you have a direct telephone number instead of a switchboard because secretaries are trained to recognise and block calls from marketing teams. Likewise, direct e mail addresses are much better. Direct e mail addresses get straight to the decision maker whereas sending to a generic email address must often be forwarded.

There are a number of data points which should always be on any B2B data lists you purchase for marketing. Data points are pieces of information which relate to the decision maker, the company, and to contact details for the decision maker.

Decision maker data points should include their name, job function or title, and salutation.

Company information data points include the business type (line of business), geographical area, number of employees, turnover, and so on.

Decision maker contact details data points include the company’s postal address and telephone number. Email contact data points are often charged separately to postal addresses and telephone numbers.

There are a number of core B2B data owners in the UK – these are the companies which collate the databases and find out information on each business, the primary contacts, the number of people working at a company, and so on. The core compilers of B2B marketing data in the UK include Market Location, Experian, and Corp Data. Companies like Experian do the outreach to new companies and stay in touch regularly with the businesses to make sure the data they hold on them is up to date.

Experian and other list owners then supply list brokers like More Than Words with live feeds and access to their databases. The advantage of using a list broker is that we can offer data from multiple sources (including Experian) whereas data owners like Experian generally do not sell data derived from other owners.

Both B2B data owners and B2B data brokers ensure that the business data they sell is GDPR compliant.

Business need accurate contact information to sell to their customers and prospects. Please think of your database of customers and prospects as a valuable asset for your business. Like any asset, you should do all you can to maintain its quality and accuracy. Your database of customers and prospects contain your target audience and your team rely on this B2B data to service clients, make sales, and for lead generation.

To continue to provide the level of service customers expect and the data the people on your sales and marketing teams need to do their jobs, you need to ensure they use the highest quality data. Data quality is key to giving your sales teams the best chance of raising revenue and the business information they work from needs to be correct – they need to be able to contact the right people on the right phone numbers at the right email address.

With aging customer and prospect business data as well as older business data you buy in from third parties like More Than Words, you should use a data cleansing service to ensure that your sales team is working with the very latest contact information (especially email addresses which decay more rapidly than other contact data).

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How can I get B2B data for my business?

Connect direct with budget holding business decision makers – your future customers – by email marketing, telephone marketing, and postal marketing using marketing lists from the most reputable data sources. Let your marketing team generate the high-quality leads from the GDPR-compliant bespoke business data lists we provide that your sales team need to close deals and generate revenue.

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