Once reserved for adrenaline junkies hoping for an action-packed tour full of surprises, adventure travel is now a popular choice for mainstream jetsetters. An adventure travel copywriter now plays an integral part within almost every travel and tourism marketing campaign and the need to use vivid text when promoting experiences to stand out is even greater with adventure travel providers.

Travellers are always on the hunt for the next thrilling destination and exciting activity to try.

Besides word of mouth, keen explorers are always researching online for up and coming experiential travel ideas.

Travel bloggers and writers are great in their own niche. You’ve heard the tales of people who type “how to become a travel copywriter” and then go off and live their dream.

As interesting and engaging as their writing is, they’re approaching the production of copy from an experiential point of view rather than a commercial point of view.

They’ll be able to provide you with great travel copywriting examples but their content is written to please readers and not to encourage sales.

In this article, we look at:

  • who are the key demographics indulging in adventure holidays?
  • how travel has developed during the past ten years
  • what the ideal client expects from their adventure holiday
  • how copywriting can impress your prospective adventure travel customer
  • the environmental impact of adventure travel and how to address it
  • the benefits of good copywriting within your adventure travel marketing campaign
  • how we can help you with your adventure holiday copywriting

Who is going on adventure holidays?

Experiential travel and tourism, or adventure holidays, are essentially trips which involve unique or special activities native to that particular part of the world.

They often include an element of risk, for example kayaking, rock climbing or off-road cycling tours.

Different adventure trips appeal to different target audiences, depending on age, fitness level and desires.

Popular adventure holidays for older travellers include walking trips – allowing them to take in spectacular scenic views which may only be accessible by foot.

Younger, more able thrill seekers are hunting out experiences like diving holidays, jungle treks, and camper van tours.

Long gone for many are the days of lounging besides the hotel pool for a week – the next generation of holiday makers want to be inspired by dazzling landscapes and enchanting locals.

How travel has changed in the past decade

Travel is a booming market.

Trips abroad have never been as accessible, and Generation Z (born after 1995) alongside millennials (born in the 1980s), haven’t known any different.

Generation Z in particular are attracted to experiential holidays purely because of their attraction to the creation of memorable life experiences as opposed to materialistic goods.

This understanding laps over into millennials who are also now aware of the importance of experiences and connections as opposed to simply buying into the latest trend.

With this in mind, travel plays a huge part in adding authentic value to their life.

Baby boomers have traditionally enjoyed considerable time in the standard holiday set up.

Two weeks in sunny Spain, maximum beach time, and a jug of sangria in the evening used to the norm, but even this generation are now looking to try something new.

The rise of social media has had a leading role in the change of travel culture.

Everyone wants to post the perfect picture but think more gazing out over the Grand Canyon as opposed to a quick family snap in the hotel bar.

More and more people are travelling solo with so many destinations being expertly geared up to the tourism industry, single travellers feel comfortable jetting off on their own, keen to meet fellow lone adventurers.

What does the ideal customer want out of their adventure holiday?

The ideal adventure travel customer wants to try something new.

They aren’t afraid to push boundaries and want that ‘once in a lifetime’ experience.

They want accommodation to write home about, comfort with a hint of luxury, expert guides and well-planned excursions. In short, they want it all!

Adventure travel needs to provide the tourist with a buzz while still feeling safe.

No-one wants the worst to happen and things can quickly go wrong in unfamiliar environments when there are possible risks involved.

The insurance you offer to clients and the coverage it offers is important to include in any marketing copy – make sure it’s clearly stated so that you can make it a selling point.

An overriding theme in the sector of adventure tourism is the connection with nature.

People want to get away from their usual day to day life, often lived in big cities with little chance to engage with the natural world.

Adventure travel allows people the precious chance to absorb the sublime scenery of our wild planet.

Adventure travel copywriter tips – how to impress your target customer through adventure travel copywriting

The work created by an adventure travel copywriter must form the core of your marketing campaign.

Connecting to your reader through concise, thoughtful content is a sure way to hook them into wanting to find out more.

Gen Z are always planning their next trip.

They are socially and environmentally conscious but prize travel very highly on their list of life priorities.

Offering eco-friendly accommodation or offsetting the carbon footprint of the transport are all expected as standard by this generation.

Millennials are at a different point in their life and they may wish to plan one final memorable break away before settling down to get married and have children.

If they missed out on a gap year or summer abroad in their 20s, now could be the time they take that trip.

87% of millennials use social media to research and plan a holiday and are highly likely to use their friends holiday experiences alongside travel company socials in order to choose their destination.

From utilising key influencers to providing relevant and engaging marketing material on your adventure travel options, there is a strong commercial case to invest in appealing copywriting to best promote the adventure holidays you arrange and what it is you are offering.

Environmental impact of adventure travel

The undeniable surge in environmental awareness has certainly affected the travel and tourism industry.

The main pressure point felt by consumers is the guilt of going on holiday and adding to air pollution.

It is a complicated situation because the world relies on tourism for business however cheap travel does have negative environmental implications.

Aviation fuel contributes to 75% of greenhouse gases, and it is true that travelling for tourism usually includes more long haul flights than flying for business purposes.

We are all aware of the environmental impact of travelling yet we still continue with our plans to get away.

Being aware of the guilt felt by tourists is the first step in addressing how to alleviate it and any adventure travel copywriter must address it.

As previously mentioned, offering eco-friendly solutions are the key.

Small changes can go a long way – from choosing a green destination (somewhere currently working to preserve their ecosystems) such as Lake Tahoe or Portugal to simply packing lighter, all contribute positively to reducing environmental impact.

How the work created by an adventure travel copywriter increases sales of adventure holidays

Conscientiously constructing the copywriting in your marketing strategy is key when addressing your audience.

To be aware of your target customer is important but, without communicating what you offer in an appealing way in a language they “get”, you will be fighting an uphill battle.

From telling the story of your brand to using keywords and phrases your clients are actively searching for, the best copywriting for oversea travel and adventure holidays is professionally created.

Your target customer wants to be wowed in a world where almost every stone has already been turned multiple times, its crucial you highlight the unique experience your adventure holiday can offer.

Adventure travel copywriting requires a completely different approach from the dry world of B2B travel copywriting, hotel copywriting, and hospitality copywriting.

How we can help you with adventure holiday copywriting

The benefits of investing in high quality copywriting for adventure travel and holidays are significant.

Customer-centred and commercially-driven copywriting allows you to promote and sell your company and its services while building constructive and communicative relationships with your target customers.

Here at More Than Words, we would love the opportunity to talk to you about how copywriting can help your adventure travel company. The best travel copywriting is carefully considered with your brand and customer in mind alongside your goals and ambitions for the company.

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Investing in adventure travel copywriting to sell your experiences to clients

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