Clients who are sick of their accountants are they to move to a new one as a result of being let down by their current accountant during the COVID-10 crisis.

One email campaign we recently ran for an accounting client of ours got:

  • a 36% open rate and
  • 154 clickthroughs to their website.

These are unprecedented numbers for an accountant marketing campaign and provide one very clear message.

Why are so many business owners considering switching accountants?

The message is that business owners are being tested now more than they ever have been before. The 2008-2010 Great Recession was a challenge but what we’re going through now is much greater.

Right now, business owners want to work with accountants who truly have their back. Can you offer your clients the support, the knowledge, and the insights that they need?

On the same day we sent this campaign out, one business owner called our client up and said that:

  • she was sick of their “lazy” current accountant and
  • she wanted a more proactive, personable, and interested accountant to manage her and her company’s financial affairs – especially now.

Her frustration with her current accountant is the tip of the iceberg – there are tens of thousands who feel exactly the same as her. These are clients who want action this day.

Turning clients’ pent-up frustrations into actionable leads for your accounting practice

Re-writing the Government’s COVID-19 support policies isn’t enough

Don’t waste people’s time dispensing the same advice they’ve already read and don’t waste your time by writing a missive no-one’s going to bother to read.

You need to do three things:

  • be creative and passionate in your expression – address them like a mentor, a friend, and like you’re actually interested in their fate
  • show potential clients different ways of approaching the situation they’re in – tell them something they don’t know because they probably know as much about CBILS as you do by now
  • demonstrate your business acumen – you’re more than a number cruncher and you’ve helped clients get out of tight spots your entire career

Now, you could do that yourself or you could get us to do it for you.

This system works and its response levels are increasing the longer this crisis goes on for.

This is our proposal:

  1. We’ll write three very high-quality business articles you can post on your website and on LinkedIn – every piece of work will be 100% original and guided by the “three things” outlined above. We’ll write one article a week for your practice for three weeks.
  2. Choose 3,000 local businesses from our B2B database.
  3. We’ll compose three powerful, passionate, response-driven emails to send to clients in your local area linking back to your site and we’ll send one each week for three weeks.

What we guarantee to you

Although we can’t guarantee a level of responsiveness for your campaign, we make the following guarantees to accountancy practices using our services:

  • your articles and email newsletters will be written by one of the UK’s most experienced accounting bloggers
  • you will receive a full report on each of the three campaigns we do for you showing opens and clickthroughs
  • all of the data we hold is fully GDPR compliant and
  • exclusivity – we won’t email the 3,000 companies we contact on your behalf for any other accountant while your campaign is live.

Marketing for accountants during COVID-19

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Accountant marketing ideas during COVID-19

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