To reach decision makers within accounting practices, you need the latest, most comprehensive, and accurate accountant database from More Than Words.

Accountants are facing a number of significant challenges over coming months.

Following Brexit, businesses moving goods between the EU and UK will be operating in a new way with accountants helping their clients with customs declarations, duties and changes to VAT.

Accountants are also preparing their clients for IR35 reforms (originally due to be introduced in April 2020) and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that affects every area of British business.

Purchasing an accurate list of accountants gives you access to new prospects at a time when they are most receptive to change.

Who needs an accountant database?

We provide our accountant database to clients who have a financial product or service that is of interest to those in the accounting and auditing industry.

Our clients find that an accurate, regularly-updated list of chartered accountants firms helps them to find and market what they’re selling to the businesses that can benefit the most from them.

List of certified accountants – three main advantages

For companies wishing to sell to the accounting sector, we offer the following three services:

1. List of chartered accountants in the UK – accurate contact details and information

  • our regularly-updated accountant database in the UK – database only service,
  • over 7,000 email addresses for accountants including contact names for senior decision makers,
  • use of the data for a full 12 months after purchase, and
  • multiple fields per entry.

2. Three designed email marketing campaigns

  • email design – our in-house designers and copywriters will design and create an email on your behalf based on a product or service specified by you,
  • three email broadcasts – we will send three B2B email marketing campaign broadcasts via our trusted servers to contacts from your accountant database, and
  • reports for each email broadcast – three days after each email is sent we will email you a spreadsheet that shows which accountants opened your email, which accountants clicked through to your website and the number of times they did so.

3. Accountant database – after-sales support

  • free technical support service – our in-house data technicians will help you to get as much value out of your data as possible, even if you have no technical experience, and
  • free advertising support service – send your own advertising campaigns to your account manager to have our design and copywriting teams review them and give feedback.

What information is provided on our accountant database?

More Than Words’ accountants database features:

  • 15,253 data records for chartered accountants, tax accountants and bookkeepers,
  • 8,940 with phone numbers, and
  • 7,737 with email addresses for budget-holders and decision-makers in accounting firms.

You don’t have to buy the entire accountants’ email marketing database from us.

Some of our most popular requests are:

  • list of chartered accountants in Somerset
  • list of chartered accountants in Jersey
  • list of chartered accountants in Scotland
  • accountant database in North London
  • accountant database in Somerset

Please let your account manager know what data is relevant to you and they’ll run a bespoke count and quote for your marketing database or campaign.

Many people find this page when they’re looking for a “list of struck off accountants”.

We apologise if you found us looking for that information but this is something we can’t help you with!

How does the accounting industry fit into the UK economy?

According to recent statistics from Ibis World, the accounting and auditing industries currently have a combined market size of around £6bn, split across just 7,433 businesses.

A 2020 analysis of accounting and bookkeeping businesses carried out by cashflow specialist Float found that the number of accounting and auditing firms in the UK had a net loss of 490 firms between 2017-19.

The report also found that while accounting firms with a turnover of less than £100,000 decreased by 5.4%, firms with a turnover of more than £100,000 increased by 4.3%.

As accounting firms in the UK grow, both organically and through consolidation, businesses selling to the financial sector have increased access to bigger companies with bigger budgets.

How to sell to decision-makers from your accountant database

A simple Google search for “ACCA accountant database” will be enough to give you a list of accredited accountants to contact.

However, who you speak you when you contact a financial firm is more important than you may think.

It doesn’t matter how good your product or service is if you speak to the wrong contact.

Your message could be ignored or forwarded to the wrong person, if it is even opened in the first place.

The right person to contact with an email marketing campaign depends on the product or service you are selling.

It will need to be someone who can understand why your product or service offers value to their business and also have the power to make purchasing decisions.

This is usually a manager or director.

Speak to your More Than Words account manager before you purchase an accountants marketing database so that they can narrow down the contacts provided to those most relevant to your business.

Research is important to understand the best times to contact accountants.

Consider the type of accounting performed by your target contacts in order to plan a send schedule.

Tax professionals are busiest from January to April and will be less receptive to marketing messages during this time.

Similarly, those working in payroll will be unlikely to pay attention to their emails at the end of the month as this is usually when staff get paid.

Get us to do the work for you

Your account manager can offer feedback on marketing materials as well as technical support with your database.

Alternatively, our managed marketing service provides an even simpler way to generate leads.

Our design and copywriting teams will design and create one email for you, based on your chosen product, service or offer.

The email will outline the main points of your offer within 10 seconds (studies have found this to be the optimum time for a reader to take in information) with a strong subject line and simple, compelling content.

You can ask for any of your own branding or images to be included on the email – although we do try to keep the design as minimal as possible for faster loading speeds.

We will then send out three email broadcasts on your behalf.

Each email is optimised for use on any device and sent from our trusted servers to ensure maximum deliverability.

Three days after each email has been sent we will send you a detailed report showing how many times your email was interacted with including:

  • which recipients opened your email,
  • which recipients clicked through to your email, and
  • how many times they did so.

You can use this information to follow up with your contacts, starting with those that showed the most interest.

Accountant database – after-sales support

You have 12 months from the date of purchase to use the data on your accountant database.

We recommend using the database as often as you can during this time for the best return on your investment – at least once every month.

Once you become a More Than Words customer you get instant access to an account manager as well as our team of copywriters, designers and campaign planners.

For feedback or support with creating your own email marketing campaigns to accountants just send your design over and someone will review it and get back to you within one working day.

If you need help with your database all you need to do is call or email our team and, if we can’t help you there and then, we will let you know when we think we can (this is usually within three hours).

Telemarketing to your accountant database

An outsourced B2B telemarketing campaign is an option for those looking to make a personal connection to the contacts on your accountant database.

Our experienced telesales representatives can use telemarketing to perform market research, get customer feedback and follow up on your email marketing campaign.

Contact More Than Words about direct marketing to accountants

For more information about our accountant database as well as the database only service, email marketing campaigns, telemarketing campaigns, get in touch with the More Than Words team today.

We’re available on 0330 010 3495 or you click here to email us and contact our marketing databases team.

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