Welcome to the More Than Words team

Many of the More Than Words’ team have worked together for ten years or more.

There are two distinct divisions to our company – the inbound marketing division (SEO, articles, social media, content marketing, and more) and the outbound marketing (telemarketing, email marketing, and sales letter writing) division.

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Mark Fairlie

Joint Managing Director

“More Than Words is a commercially-driven and highly creative advertising and marketing consultancy.

My main roles within the company are:

  • creating and overseeing the creation of content,
  • working with marketing planners on clients’ longer-term campaigns,
  • training copywriting staff, and
  • general company management.

The biggest challenges for any business in today’s economic environment are:

  • to demonstrate the added value in your products and services,
  • to sell your credibility to your target client base, and
  • to make sure that your marketing content is actually seen by your existing and prospective customers.

Prior to More Than Words, I was the joint director of one of the largest email and data providers in the UK, specifically focused on helping business customers reach out to and sell to other companies.

Ben and I sold this company in 2015.

Prior to that, I was involved heavily in telesales and telemarketing for most of my formative career except for a six month break as a tram conductor when I was studying in Sheffield.

I look forward to working with you.”

Ben Fairlie

Joint Managing Director

“I was also joint managing director at mine and Mark’s old firm which, for the first 10 years of its existence, was a lifestyle business for us both.

With our talented team around us, the company grew from £220,000 T/O in 2008 to £1,800,000 in 2014 by sticking to the business’s original principles.

In their 2014 email marketing industry report, Plimsoll Publishing stated ours was the fastest-growing company in our sector.

After selling the company, I worked for a telemarketing company for two years before embarking on merging it with Mark’s standalone “The Copywriting Project Limited”.

The merger took place in September 2018 and Mark’s company, now with four shareholders, was renamed to its current More Than Words Marketing Limited.

Other than consulting with Mark, Clare, and Linzi on the direction of the company, most of my work is making sure that our data remains fresh and accurate and that the platforms on which we carry out telemarketing and email marketing campaigns for clients remain optimal and operational.”

Clare Tweed

Sales Director

“I have a quarter of a decade’s worth of experience in advertising and marketing.

Launching my own business was always a dream which I finalised realised in October 2016 with the launch of my own telemarketing business.

Prior to that, I worked for Mark and Ben at their original business prior to their sale of it in October 2015. This was my first experience in email marketing and, compared with the on-the-page advertising I sold at Newsquest for nearly 20 years, I loved the directness of the medium.

In September 2018, I met with Mark and Ben to discuss the idea of merging the two businesses together.

The thinking behind it was that we could bring our experience of direct marketing to our joint client bases.

Mark’s speciality – copywriting and content marketing – is a longer-term investment in the creation of a company’s own marketing channel. The results it produces are amazing but it does take a few months for the effects to show.

We thought that we could produce immediate returns on investment for our clients with telemarketing and email marketing which they could then invest in Mark’s content marketing and copywriting.

I love this company and the positive effects we have on our clients’ businesses and I am convinced that our mixture of newer and more traditional marketing services offers our clients a roadmap for growth and for future stability.”

Linzi Fairlie

Customer Services and Creative

“I am married to Mark and, before the merger, my role in the company was to help Mark write articles when there was too much work coming in and looking after the books.

When Mark, Ben, and Clare announced their intention to merge the two businesses, I was excited because the three of them had worked together before – Mark and Ben for two decades and Clare was a superstar performer for her clients at the old business.

My background is recruitment and psychology and, when creating content for clients, I particularly enjoy writing about those two subjects.

My role in the new company is mainly administrative and customer-facing. Working with Corey and Kerry, our joint roles are to keep clients happy and to make sure that we promise to customers is delivered

I get on the phones every now and again for our clients when we have an excess of telemarketing work too.”

Lisa Kinghorn

Senior Account Manager

“I have 20 years’ experience in sales from selling on the page advertising to local businesses, CRM software to SME’s, utilities to SME’s, and in recruitment.

For the last 10 years, I have been providing my UK business clients with bespoke marketing packages – I first started working with Mark and Ben back in July 2010”.

The packages I offer include:

  • GDPR compliant marketing databases for B2B and Public Sector,
  • email marketing campaigns, and
  • telemarketing campaigns which clients user for lead generation or for cleansing your own database.

When onboarding a new client, I stress to them the importance of my role as their account manager.

My responsibilities as a client’s account manager are to make sure that:

  • they achieve as much success as possible on the campaigns we’re carrying out for them and
  • the work we carry out for clients is done accurately and on time.

I have greatly enjoyed working in data for the past decade but, in my opinion, our clients’ prospects improve even further when they combine direct marketing with content marketing.

The marketing industry is ever changing and constantly evolving – it’s great to be part of it with More Than Words”.

Andrew Balmbra

Senior Account Manager

“I’ve worked in marketing for over 15 years now and still every day seems to present new challenges and learning opportunities.

I enjoy getting to know my clients and learning about their products and services.

I am always happy to have a lengthy conversation where we can:

  • bounce ideas around,
  • share best practice, and
  • put together the strongest of marketing campaigns.

Outside of the office mayhem I enjoy sports, particularly football (I am a passionate Newcastle United fan- unfortunately).

I am a very keen mountain hiker which, when not in lockdown, takes up most of my weekends.”

Scott Walker

Senior Account Manager

“I’m a new member of the More Than Words team and I’ve only been here for a few weeks.

Having been a client of More Than Words for a number of years, it’s fitting that I’m now part of the team!

My role is to engage with potential new customers and offer them bespoke suite of services most likely to enable them to achieve their commercial and revenue goals with us.

This could be data, lead generation, social media management, email campaigns and so on.

I take time to understand their needs and design a service for each individual clients – I never offer anything off the shelf to my clients!

My career background to date has been in new business development for

  • security and fire companies,
  • facilities management,
  • waste management,
  • the print sector and many more

I’ll bring all my experience in successful marketing and sales to More Than Words’ clients.”

Corey Lillicrop

Campaign Support Manager

“I’m Corey and I’m another one of the old crew from the business Mark and Ben sold in October 2015.

My main role within More Than Words is to make sure that our clients’ email campaigns run smoothly and they get back the reports they need in good time to do follow up work.

I have always been interested in computing and technology and I recently passed a Python Course in computer programming.

I look forward to working with you and your colleagues.”

Kerry Smidts

Office Administration

“Hi, I’m Kerry and I’m the Office Administrator at More Than Words and I’ve been at the Company for just over a year.

I support clients and the More Than Words team with their marketing and administration needs.

This includes creating and sending things like invoices and also booking forms with our terms and conditions to our clients.

I also create and issue clients with their campaign reports which records how many opens, clicks and unsubscribes their email campaign has as well as sending clients potential leads from their telemarketing campaigns.

I’m also responsible for the posting of client’s posts and articles to their chosen social media platform or website.

If you need any help in any of my key areas, please do get in touch.”

Copywriting and content planning team

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Telemarketing team

We’ll be posting information about the members on the telemarketing team shortly.

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