Applying the highest standards to our clients’ campaigns

More Than Words uses a number of different methods to ensure that the advertising we carry out for ourselves and for our clients is fair, accurate, and trustworthy. To do this, we apply the CAP Code test to each campaign as well as the DMA Code of Practice.

We believe that advertising, when legal, decent, honest, and truthful, benefits society by connecting purchasers and businesses leading to transactions mutually beneficial to both parties.

General exclusions

We do not do the following in any advertisement or campaign we are involved in:

  • Use fear or distress
  • Political point-making
  • Comparisons with identified competitors or their products or denigration of competition – we only provide comparisons against our or our customers’ former pricing or products
  • Imitation in linguistic or branding style
  • Products or services where we are not sure of their legality
  • Mention race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or disability except for adverts which promote inclusiveness and diversity
  • Use images of persons or descriptions of persons which may be sexually suggestive
  • Adult content or services
  • Gambling
  • B2C (business-to-consumer) advertising

More Than Words believes that our products or the products we’re marketing should be sold on their own merits.

For example, on comparisons and competition, we will not write or say anything that is not positive about our competitors or their products.

This is because we believe it is our responsibility to concentrate on staying ahead of the competition by producing superior products and services to win your business rather than denigrating other companies.

Targeting of campaigns

We do not carry out B2C email marketing for customers, whether the transmission thereof or the design/copy thereof.

We will only carry out campaigns where we can see a potential interest and clear benefit to the recipients of advertising.

As a B2B and business-to-public-sector company, we will only be involved in campaigns that will benefit the organization, not the employees thereof.

For example, we would be involved in a campaign for an insurance company advertising its commercial insurance products to businesses or the public sector. However, we would not participate in a campaign advertising consumer-focused car insurance into these sectors.

Use of testimonials and endorsements

We will only use testimonials and endorsements in advertisements we are involved in when the name and organisation (and, if available, the job title) of the referral is shown in the advertisement

We will not use language to say or suggest that the experience of a referee is that of a standard customer.

We will use the logos of companies which have bought a product or service (whether in our own adverts or that of our customers) where they are a customer and this can be proven.


We follow all applicable law on the use of pricing, discount and offers. As all of our campaigns are B2B or business-to-public-sector, all prices shown are excluding VAT.

When we know there is a handling or postage charge associated with a customer’s product or service, we will require them to show this in any advertisements we design for them or any campaigns we carry out.

Availability of products

If a product is in short supply, we will require a customer to display in the advertisement the exact amount that is left (and, if applicable, the anticipated time it could be reasonably expected in which they will be sold).

A product must be available when a campaign commences, if we are in charge of distribution.

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